Roster update is out


This is sort of shocking news. Holy cow!


I definitely forget about Ibi when figuring out what the team will look like in future years. That would be awesome if he could turn out to be a decent backup wing option.


Yea it would be a big boost to the roster if Ibi’s game could also make a “big leap”


That 44.5" was a max vert by Diallo. I also don’t think there should be any “grain of salt” with this measurement. Not like football where coaches are trying to hand time 40s


I think the assumption is that you can likely get a better max vert in practice then with a couple of chances at a very high pressure situation at the combine.


Is the combine jump only one try?


I think usually two and take the best. Not positive one way or the other.


Bounce on the wings will indeed be upgraded


On Dylan’s point: GRIII maxed out at 44" at Michigan. Jumped 41.5" at the combine


More #s on the front page:

Matthews and Simpson at 42 in.


GRIII had reportedly been getting closer to 45"-46" in his preparation but said he didn’t take off in the right spot on the actual test. There’s not doubt the pressure impacts the results but 44.5" in any situation is ridiculous.


I wonder how many college basketball teams have 3 guys with 42+ inch vertical leaps. Less than 10?


the bottom line, Ibi out jumps GR3 under the same setting.


They test max vert and standing vert at the combine. Glenn posted a 41.5" max vert, 36.5" no step vert.


Very athletic trio of pg’s. It’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out this season. I expect a big leap from Simpson this year; he is very dynamic; if his shot has improved, look out