Roster heights, weights, numbers

Michigan roster is out. New numbers: Simpson 3, Watson 23, Davis 51, Teske 15, Matthews 1, Fred Wright-Jones 14

Looks like new heights and weights as well… Also note that Donnal is listed as a senior.

Assuming this the final roster, we have two scholarship wing players available off the bench – Ibi and DJ. That, is scary.


I couldn’t agree more. One injury to a wing player and we are in serious trouble. This roster almost ensures that we will have to play 2 bigs at times. I am a little disappointed JB didn’t find any late bloomers, his track record isn’t too bad on those.

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I personally think ‘3’ should be hanging in the rafters.


I thought that Sanderson tweeted yesterday that Wagner arrived on campus at 6’11".

Wait a second, wright-jones isn’t on scholarship is he?

wolverheel, I believe you have to graduate from Michigan to fulfill that honor.

There is just no way he can be imo.

No. Just added to the roster.

This is probably a bit nit picky but if Trey were to actually finish his education at Michigan (similar to what Shaq did at LSU if my memory is correct) years after going pro, would he then be able to get his number retired?

That’s a shame. I really think being the consensus national player of the year alone makes him worthy. Only Cazzie Russell also did that. But yeah, looks like all the retired jersey people graduated.

If it is a graduation rule, I like it.
Trey is still a great player, but it sets the other greats apart from those who were 1,2 or 3 and done.


Assuming he graduated, should Ricky Green be eligible for number retirement/honored? He only played 2 seasons but his impact was huge arguably on par with Trey Burke.
One Google later… I see Phil Hubbard has his number honored, but not Ricky Green, so I’m guessing the answer to my question is negative.

Men’s Basketball Honored Jerseys
No. 22 – Bill Buntin
No. 33 – Cazzie Russell (retired)
No. 35 – Phil Hubbard
No. 41 – Glen Rice
No. 45 – Rudy Tomjanovich

Yes I think if he finished the requirements for graduation, his number would be retired.

Oh no doubt, but Michigan definitely emphasizes the importance of getting that degree.

What I think would be an idea (maybe this has been mentioned to him) is to figure out a way to take classes and gradually meet the requirements whether it be now or in the future.

Interesting that Wilson is listed as a RS So – didn’t get the move to Jr. They could still reclassify him after next year (or given a firm handshake in two years), but seems like a vote of confidence in him. Or just a change in policy in how they list people (not necessarily guaranteeing the fifth year) after seeing the attention Donnal’s move made.

FWIW, Donnal started last season as a RS So, was moved to junior midway through the year.

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Looks like it happened before the season began but not until November. So he could still be reclassified (or have already been and we may not know it) before opening tip-off. Don’t think they’d do it mid-season.


Must have mis-remembered, but it was a couple days before the first game it looks like.

I think it is telling based on the recruits coming in. We already had 3 backup plans (Teske, Davis & Wagner) for Donnal. I dont think it is terrible to hedge that at least one will be at least on par with Donnal by his senior year. Right now, we dont have any recruits on board that appear to displace the need for Wilson. I think the view on years left at Michigan for Wilson would be completely different if Young, Wilkes and Cain had committed already (or maybe even if only Young had already committed).