Robinson inbounding

I’ve noticed Robinson as the guy inbounding the ball whenever he is on the court. With all the problems the team has seemed to have with the inbounds over the past few years, it seems like this might be an overlooked luxury of having a guy who is 6’8" but can really pass well as the inbounder. You also want him in to close out games with his shooting so pairing the shooting with his inbounding he may save a few games this year when the team has a lead going into crunch time.


He’s also been praised for his passing quite a bit by Beilein over the last year or so (he had some terrific backdoor passes at Atlantis) and I suspect he’ll grow with his confidence there. Good to see that trust early on.

Also, worth noting that the most dangerous man on the floor in End Zone OOB plays is the guy throwing it in. Having our best shooting taking the ball out can be a very good thing in that scenario.