RIVALRY POD PART II: Michigan 69, Michigan State 50


Giving the people what they want. I love it!


Dylan I agree with your thoughts on Chaundee. I’m not sure how much bigger of a role he would have next year, mostly just cause the way he plays is not conducive to any kind of increased usage. His ballhandling and passing are just not good. You gonna stick him at the 2 for 30 minutes a night next to a freshman PG, and no real other ball handlers? Seems like a recipe for a struggling offense.

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My heart sank when BQ said he doesn’t read the message board. :broken_heart:


Dylan - So glad you brought up how the offense performs in the second half heading toward their own bench. I know that was always a Beilein narrative, but it seems to hold some water based on how much the guys look over to Juwan as they’re setting up their stuff. I’ve been noticing it essentially all season, and I think there is definitely something to it.

Someone get PAX to convince him of the merits of the message board.