RIVALRY POD PART I: Michigan vs Michigan State


Let’s go, loving the pods lately. Really good discussions


How did Quinn escape that without giving a prediction.


I let him off the hook :rofl:


I agree with your point about msu benefiting from a game with lots of fouls. It’s also why these 2 games scare me. With last night’s Illini game being a wrestling match that Michigan didn’t want anything to do with. What are they going to do with msu? Because msu has been playing football on the hardwood. Just ask osu and the Illini.

We didn’t lose because they just out toughed us. Goes way beyond that. We’re generally the team that pushes others around anyway. Kofi Cockburn could fit every MSU center inside of him


That spread makes sense given how these two teams’ seasons have gone. But Sparty being Sparty, it still gives me pause.

MSU will play small - we know that. I feel really comfortable with our matchups in a standard lineup. We need to emphasize boards and attacking on offense - especially Franz. If they switch and overplay passing lanes & the post, our guards need to be prepared to take the ball to the rack in early shot-clock situations. I like minutes for TWill, Zeb & Johns, on separate shifts, if the energy isn’t there and/or devolves to a foul fest.

Minutes for those guys have not led to good things happening for Michigan in a long time.


We know MSU will play small? They don’t have any small player now without Loyer, and Hauser only plays a couple minutes at Center. I guess Brown is kind of a small PF if they play him with Watts, Langford, and Henry.

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I’m sorry but if betting was easy in California, I would be hammering MSU there. Partially as a hedge but also just insane value. Obviously Michigan should win this game but do we really expect double digits?

Hard to say… MSU has had some big losses (18, 10, 30, 17, and 30) in the last five or six weeks alone while the majority of Michigan’s wins this season have been by double digits.

There’s a recipe where MSU mucks it up but if Michigan’s offense is clicking…

If U-M was playing a team with MSU’s statistical profile and it wasn’t MSU… I don’t think we’d think the line was crazy.


Could Livers injury be affecting the line because I think Torvik is -13.5

EDIT: It’s 13.1 so not that far off.

Do we know anything more about Livers’s status? The prospect of doing it without him fills me with dread.

I agree with the comment above. There should be no more than 2 non starters in the game at one time unless major foul trouble or injury. I should not have to say - Bring energy and focus. So do it. GO BLUE-BEAT SPARTY!

Just what he said yesterday.

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Definitely! Could not agree more. I just think given that its Izzo and MSU, that 12.5 is a bit high.

How come Big Boutros is only allowed to put out alternative universe theories? :slight_smile:

I guess my only concern would be we have seen good efficient offenses against MSU lately in Illinois/OSU get dragged into the mud by MSU. Is there a reason why the Michigan offense would thrive when Illinois/OSU didn’t??