Ricky Doyle visiting Southern Cal

USC = Southern Cal

Lob City!!!

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Correct, the Andy Enfield connection from his FGCU days I’m guessing.

Our luck he goes and blows up there, is seen rejecting Lebron’s garbage back into the nosebleed seats in the NBA a year from now after entering the draft early.

Looks like he is also getting interest from UCF which would make a lot of sense.

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Kind of want to see him with Aubrey at UCF


Not to totally hate on Ricky but I’m surprised some of these schools are interested.


Yea I can see him fitting in at UCF or Gulf Coast more than I can at Florida.

I didn’t pay attention. Is Enfield trying to run the FCGU stuff over at USC? If so, how does Ricky and his hands fit in with that?

My guess is that whichever school lands Ricky will plan on him providing what he gave UofM: a big body who will bang on defense, work hard, and give the starting center some rest. Plenty of schools dont have the luxury(?) that we have, with four centers on the roster. Side note: I loved Ricky, he was a hard worker and seemed to have a great attitude; I wish him all the best and hope he out-performs everyone’s expectations, including mine.

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A year off for Ricky could also be good to get some of his stamina issues in order, work on his sleeping issues, get stronger.


Great point. Im sure the UofM staff wish they had the opportunity to keep Ricky and give him a year to work on/resolve those issues, while maintaining roster and scholarship balance.

Have to remember that Enfield was the coach at FCGU when Doyle was in HS. There is probably a relationship there.

I thought I remember reading something somewhere that he was getting the equivalent of only a 1-2 hours of actual sleep a night due to the sleep apnea issue.

Getting that corrected with a year off will help him immensely.

I wonder if the issue started or became its worst during the summer/fall of 2015, because he had some nice showings during the 2015 season.

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FGCU lands Ricky Doyle. Best of luck to him!


IHe should have gone with Aubrey. I didn’t know about the sleep. I feel bad for getting angry with him now.

FYI, his sleep apnea problem was widely reported in March and mentioned on more than one game broadcast.

widely as in national?