Ricky Doyle - New Video Footage

Pretty impressive from Doyle, looks to have fully recovered from injury. We all knew he had great touch with both hands, but his footwork seems to have improved over the course of the past year. He’s developed a swing through pivot move, a few up and under moves, and to cap it all off, a euro/side step from a 6’9 big man in the open court - pretty impressive. He establishes good position in the post, which I always love. Great shooting touch from 14 - 18 feet. Never going to be the most athletic player on the court, but he does look much more explosive in comparison to 1 year ago. Caveats do apply, looks like the comp in this video is pretty bad. I think this kid can be pretty good for Michigan, and will be the first true post threat we’ve had since Sims.

He’s not athletic but he is fluid. I hope he is taller than 6’9’’ though.

Yeah, couldn’t tell if the comp was just that small, but he appears taller than 6’9 to me. That’s always a good thing, most roster heights/size are exaggerated. Morgan is closer to 6’6 than 6’8, and that makes a difference.

I automatically assume that every player in the nation is atleast an inch shorter than listed.

Also his teams mismatched jerseys bug the crap out of me. You’d think a fancy Fish Eater school like that would be able to afford better.

Pretty impressive indeed. What stands out to me is how easily he is able to receive the ball on the move near the rim and finish quickly. Also yeah, hard to tell if he has grown or if the competition is just very small.

His team plays in a holiday tournament where he will be tested by better competition. Already has a B!G body.