Revitalized Hunter Dickinson rescues Michigan with dominant second half


The effect of Dickinson on the bench most of the first half was painfully obvious. When he went to the bench for a brief rest in the second half, Nebraska immediately came storming back. This does not spark much enthusiasm or confidence for next year.
If we lose Hunter and Brooks as well as Jones and Johns, as many of us expect, the returning players will need to make significant jumps and the red shirt and incoming freshmen will need to be even better than advertised.


Feel like it has been pretty clear for a while, but the last three games have really underscored Dickinson’s role as offensive creator and fulcrum.

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Yeah, definitely can see some worry here. Our vaunted freshman have woefully under-performed this year based on initial expectations (with Moussa being the exception - I think he is what we thought - highly talented, but highly inconsistent). Maybe the run this year gives the Frosh confidence, but as it stands right now we do not have a single player that you feel can step into the alpha role next year (if Dickinson leaves).

Unfortunate for Hunter that this team isn’t very good and its overshadowing just how good of a season he is having. If this team were up there with MSU/ILL near the top of the conference, I think he’d be seen as one of, if not the best player in the conference this year and potential lock for AA.

Instead I think he is going to get overlooked for a lot and those rough games earlier in the year are coloring everyone’s opinions of him.

To be fair, Hunter’s regression on defense is part of that. But yeah, you have to win games to be an All-American.

It’ll be interesting to see how the last All-Big Ten spot tracks because Keegan and Dickinson are both on .500-ish teams.

Just those two? I assume Kofi, Davis, Liddell and Ivey are considered locks, but what about TJD? He’s not my preference and I think both Murray and Dickinson are better players, but I think it is very possible that Indiana ends up with more wins than both and TJD sneaks in there.

Yeah, he’s definitely in the mix there as well.