Revisiting 2018-19 over/under predictions

We talking about regular season right?

Not sure I follow, regular season?

You are asking for wins and losses… I think? So not including post season I am assuming?

This article is a recap of predictions made before this past season. The “vote” buttons on the first three or four predictions are a little confusing.

EDIT: Good catch by kturnup. Looks like if you didn’t vote back when the questions were originally posed you can still vote on them now.

I think if you didn’t vote in the original polls you may have an option to vote on them now

I think he’s referring to the first few O/U prediction revisits having a “vote” button and not showing the voting results by default (I had to click “View Results” to see them).

EDIT: Never mind, see kturnup’s post.

Ahhh that makes sense.

I don’t know that for sure since I voted on all of them, but based on what you guys are saying it may not show up right away if you didn’t vote.

If you did vote, the answer you voted for will be bolded so everyone can see how they did.

I just took the polls out because it won’t seem to close them even though they should be closed. Still have the public percentage listed, though.


Dylan did you do better than BQ?

We will have to do it on a podcast next year :rofl:

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I believe the number of wins in the NCAA tournament was Under not Over. You stated 3 but it was 2. Interesting predictions. I wasn’t here for last years predictions…looking forward to this upcoming year.

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Question was Over/under 2.5 games played in the NCAA Tournament, not wins

Ahhh, so you need to have reading comprehension skills on this site. Sorry about that. My bad. Thanks for clarifying.

I saw the same thing initially and was like, “Hmm, that seems wrong.” Then I read it again and realized I inserted “wins” where it read “games.” Whoops.

Thanks Dylan…this is always fun. Seems like an opportunity for an O/U pool next year to fund some travel! The Big Sleep had a great year and I thought the FT’s really got better. Another great run!!


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I actually forgot how much hype was around Brandon J.! He has tremendous upside and is the potential diamond in the rough. JB will put the best 5 on the floor, I expect they find a spot for him. It seems with the stretch 4 evolving in the NBA, maybe we turn these guys loose from three. Perhaps we play the pack D like Texas Tech? :basketball: