Report: Villanova to host Michigan in Gavitt Games


Wowwwwww. Add Virginia potentially in ACC Challenge and this could be the toughest schedule in the country.


Other notables:

A lot of us predicted that Nova matchup. Xavier Wisky AGAIN?

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The last three articles on the hoops sight have no comment spot. Was that on purpose?

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Awesome matchup early in the season. You have to think it’s a 50/50 game if both Donte DiVincenzo and Omari Spellman stay in the draft which I think they will.

I look forward to complaints from Maizen on mgoblog that Michigan scheduled too difficult of a non-conference slate and how it will “destroy” their RPI…:roll_eyes:

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The RPI complaints will be out in late December when Michigan plays 3-4 guarantee games around exams and holidays :slight_smile:


Indiana/Marquette is going to be a fun game I think. If Spellman and Donte stay in the draft I definitely think it’s a bit of a toss-up. Tough schedule this year but I have faith that the team will be up for it.

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Will be interesting to see the Big Ten/ACC draw and what home-and-home games actually end up on the schedule with UCLA and Texas rolling off.

You’ve expressed some skepticism that the Cincinnati series will actually happen. Is Michigan looking to ax a few previously scheduled non-conference games due to the 20-game conference slate?

With Gavitt, Big Ten/ACC, a preseason tourney, two league games in December and final exams… The schedule starts to fill up quickly. Add in the weird circumstances for originally moving that game (and swapping South Carolina) and I’m just not sure where things stand.

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It me. Schedule complainer

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