Report: Texas hiring Luke Yaklich


I’ll be rooting for him and Texas. Hope he gets a good head coaching spot next year

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Wish him well!

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Honestly, I don’t get the move. Seems weird to take a 40% paycut and to uproot your family during your child’s senior year of high school for what you envision being a one year job at a similar exposure level.

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It may be that Juwan ultimately didn’t choose to keep him.


That doesn’t appear to be the case.


My presumption is we’ll hear more details at the press conference on Thursday? Plus, FWIW, Coach Yaklich’s twitter account still references UM? I would think for recruiting purposes that would be changed when a decision become official? (I also would have thought this holiday weekend would have given him good cover to change the profile images to family/school neutral photos while he made his decision)


Why assume Texas didn’t sweeten their offer?

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Somehow Saddi who interviewed for the same job, is more experienced, and was the head coach when Beilein was sick is able to stay.

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Guess we’ll see. The reporting has been that Michigan offered at 500k. Texas offered at 350k.

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Bummer. All the best Coach Yak. Thanks for your defensive ingenuity the program needed.

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I assume that Shaka is not necessary in the position to ask for a bigger budget but who knows.


That number would be way outside the norm for UM. There’s good reason to doubt that offer ever happened.

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Well, 1.8 million just got freed up in the basketball budget and the payout for the Big Ten TV Deal just skyrocketed again.


Juwan Howard needs to be a rockstar in recruiting. Yak had some good connections, but Howard should be able to be better.


That doesn’t mean it was earmarked for the number 2 assistant on the staff. Saddi, the guy with more experience and in-state ties, is going to stay in the 350k range but Yak is going to get 500k? That doesn’t make much sense, not to mention that given when that rumor started, Howard would have had to extend that offer basically without hardly talking to Yak.


Similar concept, but scouting/identifying recruiting talent is a bigger priority for me than recruiting rankings. Give me a class full of Tim Hardaways, Caris Leverts, and John Teskes over the steady stream of underperforming 5*s that some other programs bring in. That was Beilein’s real strength — ability to scout prospects at such a high level.


There is always chatter about how basketball doesn’t have the big money boosters that football does. Well, there are a few big name guys that can help (and have helped in the past) in that area.


Shaka is in an interesting position. He has a huge buyout, his entire remaining salary. That comes to $14M currently. Texas needs him to succeed, so spending freely on assistants makes sense for them.

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Would be interesting to see if Texas offered Yaklich a multi-year contract or just a 1yr deal. I believe Beilein’s assistants were working on continual 1yr deals; likely Michigan is keeping that offer for holdover coaches?