Report: Moussa Diabate invited to NBA Draft Combine

I’m a little curious about his hand size as well given his struggles to hold on to the ball. Now I’m making this sound like the NFL combine…

I think the real question is how well he does in the actual competition too. Who does he defend? Can he score? Can he handle the ball or create his own looks?

I suspect he’s going to look like he did to us all year - moments of greatness merged with moments of frustration. He just needs one team to focus on the greatness and take a flyer on him.

Show them what you got Moussa… let them know the moose is loose!!!


Feels like he is going to leave now that he made the NBA list and Hunter is coming back to take 35 minutes at center. (Not to mention the unknown NIL for foreign players.) I sincerely hope he gets drafted by someone if he stays in…I’m a little worried he’s going to be right on the edge of that 2nd round and hoping he doesn’t end up like Aaron Henry or Darius Morris.

Would this be a bad thing for Moussa? I can’t imagine he would want to have to play center all year. Either way, the read on him has been that there’s a better chance he stays in and being invited to the draft shows that he’s definitely in the conversation to be picked. A big development.

Will be interesting to see how he performs there and what the read on him afterward is.


Mousa is gone, let’s move on


I’m sure he is hoping to be Darius Morris. DMo was an earlyish second round pick (and was actually projected late first in some mocks before the draft). Henry on the other hand was undrafted. If Moussa is guaranteed to be drafted #41 overall like DMo, I’m sure he will leave.

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DJ got a guarantee too and was taken much earlier than anyone anticipated (including people like me who didn’t believe a team would take him in the 1st round)

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Yeah, Moussa is definitely gone. I wish him nothing but the best and will be rooting for him in the pros. If you have the chance to get drafted then you have to take the opportunity. Lots of guys develop well in the G league and turn into great pros (i.e. Jordan Poole)

This isn’t the first time someone has been under the impression Morris wasn’t drafted.


Ouch…my bad. I was thinking of Manny Harris.


Well, I have no doubt that he wants to show he’s a 4 for the NBA teams. My point was that Hunter is the gravity when he’s on the floor and is mostly parked on the block near where Diabate can be effective. While they made it work last year, a team without Hunter is going to lean on Diabate even more and give him more chance to shine. Additionally, while I think he’s an NBA 4 my personal (uneducated) opinion is that he’s a college 5 and would show-out better in that role.

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I stand by this.


I definitely think he’s an NBA 5. Most teams only play one classical center. But probably you’d want him paired with a shooting center or one who struggles at the rim defensively so he can plays some 4 too for like Minnesota, Philly, Washington, Orlando, Denver, Lakers, Kings.

A lot of teams are going to start putting out 2 4.5s after seeing it work for lots of teams like Minnesota when Adams is out and JJJ plays with Tillman, or even 3 PFs like Toronto. If you have Wendell Carter Jr as your 5, you want someone who can help him out inside like Moussa and just pray one become a 36% 3pt shooter so you can have 4 out.

I’m at 80% Diabate stays in the draft and like 40% Houstan declares.