Report: Michigan to retain Saddi Washington


Good news on Saddi. One fewer item on the checklist

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Good news!

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Great to retain some continuity particularly on offense. Rough to see Yak go and he was terrific…but Juwan knows a thing or 2 about defense and I think the culture of defense will be safely retained. Jalen Wilson is a big blow if he doesnt re-commit but it simply means Nunez and Castleton need to make a jump in Year 2.

Juwan is going to be working with these guys around the clock; I’m sure that sitting with them long enough to ascertain how they might mesh is challenge enough by itself, given how much will depend on their getting along. Saddi took over after John had his heart procedure and by all accounts acquitted himself well. Saddi has miles more experience at the college level than Yak–three at UM. He may be the guy with the critical institutional memory and awareness, even more than some projected outsider former HC, to help steer Juwan in the critical next few months.


Well said. If I could have picked two people to retain, I would have picked Saddi and Sanderson.


I totally agree with you on this TKWolverine!

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Sure. TBH, when this round of assistants was hired a few years back I did not know what to expect and was not particularly impressed with their backgrounds. A guy that kicked around at Oakland for a decade before somebody from a bigger program notice? A guy that just had a few years at Illinois State? On paper, both resumes seem weaker than the guy who had a track record as an HC in Donlon at Wright State. It worked out fine. And very well could again this time. All of us can only take our best guess, which isn’t particularly firm ground to stand on if you want to be certain about the future.


I think this is perfectly stated.

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