Report: Michigan to play in 2019 Battle 4 Atlantis

Michigan with a nice group in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament


Honest question: How does this even still exist? Isnt the venue a large ballroom with the courts having very awkward depth perception on the baskets and weird HVAC?

I do like that lineup though.

Pretty sure they write a bigger check to participating schools than any other preseason tournament, or least they did, so that helps.


Fair enough - money talks. Thanks

It also is fairly well run in terms of logistics, etc. Everything is all in one building, teams can stay where they play. The travel isn’t nearly as intense as Hawaii. It just kind of makes sense.

Maui is by far the best preseason tourney that I’ve ever covered though if you had to go to just one.

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Atlantis resort isn’t all inclusive. Which means it isn’t CoryR inclusive.


There are plenty of options for overpriced below average food though :slight_smile: and a surprisingly good Thanksgiving buffet.


There is a casino though :wink:

Would really like to get out there. Been to Atlantis in the Bahamas once when I was younger but don’t remember much. Trying to get to the HoF Tip-Off this season and it’d be sweet to make it two in a row.