Report: Michigan to host Creighton in 2019 Gavitt Games


That’s a good matchup and a fun team to play


I would expect Big Ten-ACC Challenge matchups in the next week or so as well.

Torvik projects Creighton to have No. 12 offense and No. 39 defense next year. Should be a very talented team.

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Really missed a great Markus Howard vs Zavier Simpson matchup

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Any guesses on Big Ten-ACC game?

At first glance, the natural matchups that are due to be home teams this year are Virginia, NC State and Virginia Tech. Could be some others obviously too.

Agreed. Good winable game against a quality opponent.

Seems like a convenient Gavitt draw for MSU. If I’m looking at the calendar right, they might be able to tack this one on after the Champions Classic in MSG. Maybe not, though.

Would’ve liked to have one of the other teams that’s not quite as good. It’ll be a really difficult game

Michigan has played NC State twice and VT once since they last played UVA way back in November of 2011. Of those schools I’d definitely say it would be the Cavaliers. If not them … maybe Syracuse?

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I’m really looking forward to a Zavier Simpson vs. Payton Pritchard matchup. Both play very similarly and will have bigger roles offensively next year. As far as ACC/Big Ten Challenge, my guess would be Virginia, which I wouldn’t be upset with.

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