Report: Matchups set for 2019 Battle 4 Atlantis, Michigan to face Iowa State

Nice. Do we know the bracket? Did Rothstein list the games in order? If so, that would mean round 2 is either UNC or Nate Oats’ Bama squad.

I’m guessing that they are just because they wouldn’t put UNC/Gonzaga on the same side of the bracket.


Yep, should be able to win at least one game against ISU or Bama.


How’s Iowa State supposed to be? Anyone know?

52nd on KenPom but I think Tyrese Halibruton could be one of the most improved players in the country. Should be a breakout star, he had a huge showing with USA U19.


3 years in a row playing UNC after 25 years without would be pretty funny. Cole Anthony against Zavier would be must see TV.


I would do just about anything to keep Michigan out of the last place game… which would presumably be against Southern Miss and tip at 10pm on the Friday night before Michigan/Ohio State. :rofl:


I look forward to watching us beat UNC on Thanksgiving.

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Even if us Patrons comp your bar tab?


Atlantis considered top preseason tourney, tough to disagree. Katz thinks 7 of 8 could make the field. Seems like O/U would probably be 6.

I have a feeling those Cavs would know exactly how to exploit any weaknesses on our roster :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you seen Dylan Winder play? Dude is good.

Apparently Iowa State only returns 1 starter and 4 of their top 10 players…

2 starters, Jacobson and Halliburton

Also return Solomon Young who medically redshirted last year but was a starter the year prior

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