Report: Graduate transfer Justin Pierce to visit Michigan



Should have a full video breakdown of Pierce’s game tomorrow.


Question: Can grad transfers play in an open gym type setting like recruits do sometimes? I imagine it may be hard for the players to organize that right now though, considering some have different priorities right now.


Not sure what the current rules are on whether recruits can play open gym on their visit. I feel like maybe it has changed in different ways in the past. Either way, coaches wouldn’t be allowed to watch.


This is big. Webb mentioned that if he makes it out of the ND visit weekend still uncommitted, M will have a good shot.


Really big for Michigan, and generally good timing to have an in-home before, then an official after.


He’s clearly not a 2, right? Is a 3 or 4?


Definitely not a two. Probably slides in place of Iggy in the starting five, and Livers can be more like Matthews next season.


Will have a full video post tomorrow but yeah, he looks like a guy who would play the wing. (Preview: I think he’s a terrific fit offensively)


Did he play any games against high majors this year? I wonder how his game will translate because he doesn’t look very athletic.


Will be curious to see the video breakdown. I have obviously never seen him play but just looking at the numbers, it seems strange that his shooting fell off so much from last year to this year. His FT shooting dropped from 79% to 59% and his 3 pt % from 41.6 to 32.4. I guess in college the sample size isn’t huge for 1 season so maybe he just had a slump at some point.

Impressive that he avg 8.9 rebs and over 4 assists per game. We obviously have a real need for shooting but we also need players that can pass too.


How is he defensively at the 4? Love the offensive potential, but can he stick with big ten athletes?


I wish we knew what Wagner’s plan is. If he decides to play college ball I would rather have him. If he doesn’t, Pierce seems like a good one year fit.


Looks like the only high major they played this year was UVA and he scored 3 points on 1/6 shooting.

Last year, they played TCU and he had 7 points, 10 rebs and 3 assists on 3/12 FG’s. They also played Ohio St and he had 4 points and 5 rebs on 2/8 FG’s.


I would worry more about him being able to compete if he were a freshman. He’s a grown man. He’s a relatively proven commodity; plus it’s a one year role of the dice. Not a lot of downside. Watched the video clip here and I agree, he looks like a great fit. A great opportunity to be a role player. He’s going to get an offer I believe, and Coach Beilein has a keen eye for talent and fit


Small sample size but uhhh, yikes


I think it is fair question to ask how he translates to a higher level but I don’t love this route to figure it out. Good player on bad team is almost always going to struggle in the two three road games bad team plays at significantly better team.

Even if he did play well, it would probably be more a small sample thing.


Apples and oranges in my mind. Pierce will have a limited role on Michigan and not be a main focus of the defense. Pierce averaged 11.9 FG/game last season. Brazdeikis led M in FG/game and only took 11.0 per game.


I’ve heard some chatter that Wagner isn’t as much of a lock to Michigan as many think. There are some other notable teams in play for him that haven’t been mentioned and it’s still not a lock he leaves Germany.


That’s not really what I’ve heard. Sam Webb said if he decides to play college ball, it is extremely likely that it will be at Michigan. What’s less known is whether he will do that. His German team is fighting hard to keep him there and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays.