Report from last nights Indiana Jr- Sr all star game in Sullivan

First off it was a great game the sr’s jumped out early and at one point had a 30 point lead then bam the jr’s cut it to ten late in the second half due in large part to Trevon Bluiett . I have never been a big fan of his didn’t see much on his highlights to give me the impression that he is a Michigan type player but after last night I’ve changed that opinion . The Jr’s typically have taken this game more seriously then the sr’s it seems who are just prepping for the Kentucky all stars and last night was not really any different . The thing I noticed with Bluiett throughout is he isn’t a flashy player very workman like but also very ninja like . has a quick smooth release on his shot and is a guy who will do anything bang inside , go for the loose ball and so on reminded me of Zack Novak . He is someone you have to account for on the floor . like I said not going to wow you but is a very steady player . One I hope Beilein can reel in … Zak had some problems early on didn’t play much in the first half when he was in there was matched up with Jaquan Lyle which I was glad to see Jaquan looks like a freshman in college body wise and Zak lock him down for the most part . Nothing really spectactular from Zak played a good game knocked down a couple of treys best way to describe him is smooth… when he drives the lane it’s almost a thing of beauty going to be a good one at UM . No doubt he is the best player in the state maybe for both 13 and 14 classes as it didn’t seem to me to be a overly impressive set of jr’s you have Blackmon , Bluiett and Jaquan and trey Lyles ( who wasn’t there ) and rest seem to be on a lower tier … 2015 is the probably going to be the best group in the state of Indiana in a long time got a lot of high end players in that class and Michigan is in on most of them … a side note or two when i got to Sullivan HS I just happen to pull into the parking the same time Zak Irvin’s parents did and I actually had met both of them last year in Seymour at the same event I reintroduced myself and Zak’s mom said hi said they are all getting ready to head to AA in a couple weeks and can’t wait Zak is chomping at the bit to get going . he is really happy that GR3 and Mitch stayed says this years team is going to better because the chemistry is already there and that they have some unfinished business … I took this mean B1G title and NC … Family is super nice and really involved likely to be fixtures around town …Gotta say I expect great days ahead

Thanks for the info! Things like this are some of the reasons I think the forum here can be really useful. Sounds like Trevon would be nice to steal from the state of Indiana.

Thinking the same way you are about Trevon . he has great instincts for the game

Yes; thank you very much for the info! Good to see that Bluiett played well. Can’t wait to see how the coming season and 2014 recruiting pans out.