Remaining schedule: Feb 24 - Illinois?

Gotta play that game, and Feb 24 looks like the sweet spot. I hope Mich refuses to make up any of the other games. No point in any of the others. Maaaybe move Iowa a couple days earlier to allow a Saturday/Sunday “doubleheader” with MSU?

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I’m hoping Michigan is preparing for the Sweet 16 on March 24th.


OK, OK, sorry. Correction forthcoming.


I think everyone on the forum knew what you meant. I didn’t even catch it until I read Adam’s comment and looked back! I think Adam was just “playing” with ya! :grin:

Illinois plays MSU on Feb 23rd. This has been discussed a lot around here. Basically the dates below are the main open slots that make sense. I’m sure there are other spots missing, but if they wanted to maximize the number of games we play this is how.

Feb 23rd @NW/@PSU

Feb 25th vs Illinois

Mar 1st vs Indiana/Illinois

Mar 6th vs MSU.

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Good … nice point on 23. Ill on 25th works. The rest of that schedule seems loco. why would Mich agree to play any others? How would it help?

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I have no clue what would go into the program declining to reschedule games. Those are just dates that would work.