Reintroducing Ethan Sears


Ethan, this is already the first place that most of us go for Michigan hoops coverage, and that’s partly because of the great work you’ve already done.


Welcome back Ethan. I enjoyed your articles last year and know I will this year also.

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Welcome back, @ethansears! I had missed your article on Cassius, so I just went back to read it. Can I take (a small) issue with something you wrote? You wrote:

Izzo and John Beilein both recruited Winston as their top priority at point guard in the class of 2016. Beilein told Simpson he was interested, but only as a backup plan, should Winston fall through. Winston chose Michigan State. Simpson ended up at Michigan and knows how to hold a grudge.

However, isn’t it more accurate to say that Winston gave Michigan reason to believe it might not be the choice, and so Michigan grabbed a bird in the hand in Simpson rather than wait for Winston and risk missing on both? And then it was inevitable that Winston would subsequently choose State? Or is my memory failing me in my old age?