So with news of Dawkins commitment today I have a general question. We have one scholarship left available and that could very well go to Cole Huff in the coming week or two. Now I have read that coach B doesn’t offer scholarships he doesn’t have available. If I’m correct we have scholarship offers to Brunson and Coleman out already. If my math is correct, and let’s say Huff accepts a scholarship from us, where are those scholarships available from. It would seem to me to have any available scholarships available for a year from now we would need say Levert to go pro, Max to not come back for a 5th yr and Austin Hatch to go medical scholarship. All 3 very well could happen or also Irvin or Walton could blow up this year and flirt with the pros. If none of that happens won’t we be out of scholarships next year? And my questions come from the understanding Coach B doesn’t offer what isn’t available. Meaning he doesn’t recruit from the perspective someone will go pro. Am I incorrect in that? What if Cole accepts and Brunson or Coleman want to accept two weeks from now? Do we tell them to wait and see what happens and who leaves until after next season. What are everyone’s thoughts on recruiting going forward?

I think speculating about scholarship availability is one of the most frustrating things to discuss when these things always work themselves out one way or another. Lets just be happy so many kids want to come play for Michigan.

Sorry, I know you are asking a legitimate question, but I tire of seeing these posts.

I don’t think it’s that cut and dry. And I believe they’re “morphing” how they view the early entrants.

Levert…Max…Hatch…transfer…etc. seems like we’ll have some openings.

I have no inside information, but some of these things may be “possibilities” to us but “certainties” for JB and his staff. For instance, Max may have been told from the outset that his fifth year was not guaranteed. Also, as Dingo says, these things tend to work out. Consider that of the 12 members of the '10-'12 classes, 8 didn’t stay 4 years. Trey, McGary, GRIII, and Stauskas went pro after 2 years, THJr after 3 years; Colton Christian and Smotrycz transferred after two years, Brundidge after 1 year. And that number may rise to 9, as LeVert has a substantial likelihood of leaving after next year. Horford stayed 4 years, including a medical redshirt year, and then left, and Spike and Max are likely to stay 4 years (with Max potentially getting a fifth).

I would be very surprised if UM does not take at least 2-3 players in '15 – and I would be shocked if the staff does not actively pursue Brunson and Coleman even if Huff commits.

I totally agree speculating gets us nowhere. My hope would be as Blair said, us morphing into our “reality” as it is now. If Huff commits and say Brunson or Coleman, or hopefully both, want to commit without us technically have scholarships available at the moment that we are looking down the road and still accepting them now. In that scenario Beilein would have to not take Max back for a fifth year assuming Max wanted to return and would have to move Hatch to medical if he can’t contribute to make room. Of course that also assumes no one goes pro. Damn still speculating lol. I love this board! Good problem to have!