Recruiting Thoughts

Touching on a couple topics discussed in other threads:

2015 - I don’t follow it as closely as some, but I think it’s clear that Jalen Coleman remains the top priority for this staff. People say he’s trending to Notre Dame, but what are we basing that on? He doesn’t say or give away much. I have zero inside info but I’d guess Michigan has as good or better shot with him as anyone.

  • After him, I have no idea what the pecking order is. I think you could make a case for Williams, Brooks, or Ali. My preference, as I’ve stated many times, is Dozier, but I don’t recall seeing any tweets that Michigan coaches have been watching him.
  • Regarding Brooks, I’m kinda in agreement with MattD where I have a hard time seeing his game translate to the high major level, plus he has a T-rex wingspan. BUT, you can’t discount his motor, aggressiveness and the fact he plays HS ball with Thornton. And he is unlike anyone on our roster, which I kinda like.
  • Regarding Ali, obviously he’s good and might have the best upside. It’s definitely not good news that he recently named UCLA a leader and has scheduled visits to them and Louisville, but not Michigan. But on the other hand, who knows when we might read some good quotes from him re: Michigan or hear that he’s set up an official to Michigan. But it also seems to me that his recruitment is going through his brother, and that seems like an un-Beilein-like recruitment, so maybe we backed off.

2016 - generally still too early for me to be worried about anything 2016-related. People have mentioned that UCLA might be the leader for Leaf. Perhaps seeing how Looney and Bolden do there compared to how Chatman and Wilson do at Michigan might affect his thought process. Like pretty much everyone, I’m hoping for Thornton and nothing leads me to believe that Michigan doesn’t have as good a shot as anyone. But it’s still early. Overall, I’ll only be disappointed if we don’t get one elite 2G in the next two classes.

In 2016, we could still have all of these guys:
All would be juniors or seniors and would make for a VERY good lineup. And I don’t think our coaches are going to promise anything other than an opportunity to any 2015 or 2016 recruit. But at the same time, they could sincerely say that 2-4 of those guys could be in the NBA by then and that lots of playing time will likely be available. It is a tricky situation.

It’s possible, but I doubt we’ll still have Irvin and Walton in 2016

PJ Dozier is a special talent! Plans to trim list in the next week or so to a list of 7.

— Corey Evans (@coreyevans_10) July 25, 2014