Recruiting thoughts

With the offer to Eric Davis, I thought this would be a good time to jot down some thoughts about our team, but mostly recruiting.


  1. Jalen Brunson - the more video I see, the more I like this kid. I especially like the athleticism I’ve seen in more recent videos. I think he is a “can’t miss” at the college level and would start immediately almost anywhere he went. Unfortunately, Michigan might be one of the few places where he might not. But make no mistake, even with SR Albrecht and JR Walton Jr, Brunson would still get plenty of playing time. I definitely think he could play along side Walton but we also have to project that Walton will have a much improved game by then. If I had to guess, the coaches are projecting Walton to be a 3- or 4-year college player. It’s possible Walton kills it this year and goes after two, but not likely, in my opinion. With that said, I’d guess that Brunson goes elsewhere, but like I said, I’d love to see him at Michigan.

  2. Jalen Coleman/Eron Harris/Eric Davis - the coaches have some flexibility here. Let’s just say that they lose LeVert and don’t get anyone in '15. We could still start Chatman, Irvin, and Wilson at the 2-4 positions and have Abdur-Rahkman and Dawkins to back them up and be pretty decent. But only one of those starters (Chatman) is a creator (at this point) and only one (Irvin) is a shooter (though I admit Wilson would be a better-than-average shooter at the 4-spot). There’s definitely room for someone to get a ton of PT, including starting. My favorites would be Harris and Coleman - Harris is a safe bet who has proven he can do most of what we need on the offensive end and would plug the hole in the lineup well. On the other hand, Coleman and Davis might be able to get the rim better than Harris, Coleman maybe having the most complete offensive game, but they’ll be freshmen without a year of experience in the program. I think Eric Davis is a good offer for many reasons - (1) very talented, (2) maybe puts a bit of pressure on Coleman and Harris, (3) perhaps helps with perception and ties to his AAU team, Saginaw, and state of Michigan. But I think we’ll get one of these guys. They’ve got to see that with Stauskas getting PG buzz, it’s a realistic transition from a “Michigan 2” to an “NBA 1”.

  3. Esa Ahmad - I’m not too optimistic about getting him away from OSU, but we do have ties to All Ohio Red. Getting Ahmad would give us a big, strong 4 whose perimeter skills seem to be above average. Someone who could allow Chatman and Irvin to shift up the lineup to the 2 and 3.

4. Derryck Thornton - probably my favorite recruit on the board right now. Love his handle and ability to use both hands VERY well. I know the coaches would probably prefer a PG every 2 years, but I’m sure they’ve got a very good handle on both Brunson’s and Thornton’s interest and Thornton’s is probably stronger. Regardless, I have no doubt we will get an exceptional PG in '16. My one (very small) concern is that if Walton goes pro after 3 years, who is Thornton’s backup? Abdur-Rahkman? One of the Coleman/Harris/Davis trio? Is that a reason we could take two of those guys?

  1. We’ll need a big to start developing because Donnal and Doyle will be gone after '17-'18. Teske? Would be that shot-blocker Beilein has publicly mentioned wanting.

  2. T.J. Leaf - he would be a perfect 4 at Michigan, IMO. I kind of see him like Kevon Looney except probably a better passer. Would LOVE to see him here, but won’t get my hopes too high.

  3. We’ll probably be fine at the 2, but if Battle expresses serious interest on his visit, you have to offer him. I think you got to pitch to these '16 kids the opportunity to be a special class, like 2012 and 1991. In fact it’d be the 25th anniversary of the Fab Five.

I’d love Esa but the nice thing is we’re pretty stacked at the 4 right now so I don’t feel like it’s a MUST get if we can try and then get one in the 2016 class.

I think 2015 the only “need” is a 2 guard. After that, be VERY selective and see if you can’t get 2016 class committing early.

Some of my thoughts

  1. Harris + 1 of Davis/Coleman would be ideal. Allow the freshman to develop while Harris fills Caris’ void. How Harris sees it may be the roadblock, though 1 of these guys is manageable.

  2. Devin Cannady in 2015 is an option.

  3. I think Wilson is going to play extensively at the 5. 6’9’’, 7’3’’ wingspan, athletic and known rebounder/shotblocker, he;d his own man2man against 1&D Ivan Rabb. Strength will be an issue but he is built like a lesser John Henson. I expect 1 of Wilson/Doyle to redshirt and be available in 18-19. Teske, Moyer, Leaf are option so far in 2016 for the 5.

  4. I expect some combination of Harris, Irvin, Chatman, Walton to leave by 2016. I think we will need a wing, assuming we only take 1 HS perimeter guy in 2015. Battle’s versatility 1-3 is ideal.

Thanks. I hadn’t heard of Cannady before. Looks like a decent athlete. I only found a couple videos, one of them recent with the Spiece Indy Heat (plays with Swanigan). Looks like some recruiting connections paying off - I think he plays at the same HS as Demetrius Jackson. Anyway, I didn’t really see any PG skills in the recent highlight video other than one decent feed to Deyonta Davis; but a very small sample size. With that said, if we, by some good fortune get two of Harris, Coleman, and Davis, I think one of them might be a better option for backup PG in '16 than Cannady.

I had just today thought about Wilson at the 5. Definitely has as much length as anyone else, but will he have enough strength? I don’t know. That would be intriguing. But I don’t know if we’ll have enough depth to redshirt Doyle or Wilson. I guess if Wilson can play the 5 and Irvin play a bit at the 4 and Abdur-Rahkman or Dawkins to contribute a decent amount, but I’d personally prefer to finally have some length at the 4 (I know Chatman has more length than we’ve had) and am hoping that Doyle can be more productive on both ends than Abdur-Rahkman or Dawkins would be. I guess what I’m saying is because we’ll lack experience, I think you’ll see a deeper rotation.

Saw Cannady last weekend, commented on him in my recap. I like his game but I believe he’s a mid major talent.

IMO, we take ONE of Harris, Coleman or Davis, not two.

If we get a big, he will be a good one… Really good. I would love to see Ellenson visit campus this summer.

I’m telling you, this staff will not typically bank ships, but they will for '16. Just much higher end prospects, and were in on a bunch. I have been said this before Kyle Bogie’s comments today.

I’ve seen Cannady play HS (same as Demetrius Jackson).

He’s a nice player but not upper B10 by any means at all. He’s not even close to an Option C for us.

I think Devin Cannady is a candidate for that Spike role. Isn’t he camping?

I tend to agree with Geoff re:Doyle and Wilson. We don’t have enough depth at the 5 to redshirt Doyle and Wilson is too talented to sit this year. Also, if Doyle redshirts you’re asking Wilson to play two different positions (assuming he gets minutes at the 4, which I think he does) as a scrawny freshman, which is a tall order (we haven’t seen a young 5 in Beilein’s tenure that plays both the 5 and the 4 regularly. Maybe Wilson will be the first?). Keep in mind that Doyle is already college-sized at 255 and working out like crazy; he’ll be ready size-wise (unlike a true freshman JMo or a Donnal). I also don’t think you can take Irvin away from the 3 unless one of MAAR or Dawkins really explodes (which I expect at least one of them to do at some point in their career).

Re: Battle and Esa, I’ll believe their legitimate interest in Michigan when I see it. I know Battle is camping, but let’s not put the cart before the horse. Esa appears to be OSU bound and doesn’t have a UM offer for a reason; I can’t see us taking a 4 in 2015 having essentially taken two (with flexibility) in 2014. As Bacari said, we will see how things settle out after Italy to get a more realistic picture of what we have and where guys fit.

Love your points, both Geoff and guestavo. Fun conversation.

Esa doesn’t have a UofM offer because he hasn’t visited, that’s around the corner. His offer is coming and traction will pick up. There’s mutual interest and I have that first hand. Esa knows JB will get the most out of his skill set.

Guestavo, that’s how I see Cannady if he were to come on board. He’s a real solid ball handler and can knock down the 3. He’s not as good of shooter as spike at the moment but a better defender. The dream scenario would be him coming on as a preferred walk on. I know that’s wishful thinking.