Recruiting Roundup: The latest on Hunter Dickinson, Terrance Williams, Isaiah Todd and more

Dickinson really looks resourceful. That spin move at the ca. 57 second mark is impressive. I see what people like about Williams, too. Great court presence/awareness, highly developed game.

In watching that video of Williams, one thing that really stood out is how good a passer Dickinson is. He made some very nice feeds to Williams. He does looks little heavy footed running up and down the court but Teske is kind of that way too although he has excellent lateral quickness.

These guys are all good. Thanks for your update Dylan.

Assuming it’s ND or us. FSU signed two 7 footers in November. Haven’t seen Duke mentioned since they got Williams.


Like the Williams video. Be great to get him. Dickinson seems a year or two away until he’s more comfortable moving in his body. Has a nice touch.

Dickinson is old for his class, so don’t count on him growing into his body. Yes college training, but it won’t be a leap like you see with some. He will get better of course, and I think one of the things that is under appreciated is his release is super on free throws…I believe he will be able to shoot fairly well for a big. If he committed, it would be massive pickup in a lot of ways.

Williams looks great too. 4 year player. Excellent foundational piece who sits well on the roster as a great complementary wing to Bajema.


I see Dickinson playing immediately. Yeah, he remains gangly, but the guy can shoot the ball, and actually has a nice array of moves despite galumphing a little when he heads to the other end of the floor.

Think Luka Garza?

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