Recruiting Roundup: Michigan preparing for busy September


Now it’s time for the University,staff and players to put on their best selling shoes and tell the recruits how great it is to be a Michigan Wolverine!

I think the first recruit that coach Howard obtains is critical to entire class. It will show that Michigan under Howard is for real.With only four additional positions available and losing two starters for next year coach Howard cannot make a mistake in who he adds to the team.

Any more info on who is visiting this upcoming weekend? I think the only player mentioned so far is Walker Kessler but I may have missed others.

That may have been intentional if so. Same as Josh Christopher for the MSU game in February. Trying to solely focus on them guys those weekends.

With Christopher making such a late decision he is going to be the “cherry on top” player instead of a guy who is going to recruit others. I will be really curious what his actual timeline is for a decision. I am going to imagine that in February UK is going to be “full” for scholarship players while Michigan very conceivably will not. Of course if he waits until after the college season, more spots at UK are bound to open up.