Recruiting Roundup: DJ Carton decision coming soon, July evaluation period storylines



Difficult to see DJ committing to Mich with three point guards on the roster. I imagine his visit was somewhat icy. Of course, I would love to be wrong.


I honestly see DJ playing PG or off the ball equally well in the system depending on the situation. Also by all insider reports, the visit went very well. That said, doesn’t change the fact him committing to UM obviously not a certainty at this point.


He didn’t know Michigan had 3 PGs on the roster before his visit? If that was so important to him Michigan would never have been in his top 3, let alone there now.


By all accounts his visit was not icy


What do you mean by “icy”?

Plus, Brooks is a very clear combo, and DDJ can play off the ball as well. I don’t think viewing it as having 3 in front is valid.


Carton should not be intimidated by Brooks. or even Dejulius for that matter


Agree. Carton, Simpson, Poole sounds like a decent National Championship-level backcourt rotation.


Where do you get this from? All insider reports I’ve seen said the visit was excellent.


Really? I don’t think DJ Carton is afraid of any point guard on any team. I would think he sees Z as the elite defender who will help him just continue to improve his already existing five star ability. I’ve been high on both Eli and DD, but I’m pretty sure DJ is not afraid of either of them, nor particularly concerned. Rather I would think he sees them as two great kids who love ballin’ just as much as he does and who will also help him, through competition, to become even better, and have a lot of fun doing it.


12/12 on the Crystal Ball is good enough for me. DJ Carton come on down. It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine. Do you think JB getting former DIII Duncan Robinson to the NBA won’t influence targets to want to play for him? Think again. DEVELOPMENT PERIOD!



Info we like to hear.


I suppose, in the spirit of concern re: the PG depth chart, that it’s worth noting that D Rob didn’t start. In other words, you don’t even have to be a starter in Beilein’s program to make the League.


Probably the most unintentional hilarious comment I have witnessed.


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Btw, Jeff Meyer had effusive praise for Carton on the 247 message boards. Thought he’s a top ten player in the class and that anyone who has him below that doesn’t properly appreciate basketball, lol.


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