Recruiting Roundup: April evaluation period takeaways


A lot of recent highlights in there, but will have some more throughout the week.

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Dylan, do you think the cancellation of Lester’s visit signals that they think they are in good standing to pick up one of the other wings they are targeting for '19. Or is it more of recognition that they probably were not going to land him, so they wanted to focus their efforts elsewhere?

I don’t think it should be taken to mean something bad for other targets, but I also think that people who assume it means something else is close to a done deal or anything like that are being a bit optimistic.

The Quinones recruitment has all the makings of one that Michigan would back out of (for reasons having to do with the recruitment, not with a different recruitment) so my feeling is that I’m not really surprised they canceled the OV regardless of anything else going on.

It is worth noting that Maryland reportedly backed out of his recruitment as well. I don’t know all the specifics in this recruitment, but when you have a kid that is waiting just to wait a lot of times he’s waiting for something.


$uch a$ …?

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Interesting that LSU’s main assistant, who was their interim coach while Wade was suspended, just left to be an assistant at TCU.

He sees the writing on the wall, although things could get sketchy at TCU as well. I believe he’s a Texas native and was the head coach at North Texas for a bit.

The most curious thing to me is that he could be next in line when Wade gets fired. I’m guessing the new AD has told him otherwise, maybe that he will clean house.

When something hits, admin wants no part of the previous coaching staff. Believe me, it happened to me.


Will Faulds be a useful 3 or 4 next year? He did get minutes at Columbia?

Pretty sure Faulds is only a 5 for Michigan. I don’t think he has perimeter skills


Faulds is 6’10". If he had the perimeter skills and quickness to play the 3-4 at Michigan where would he have been ranked as a recruit?

As a senior at Holt HS, Faulds was ranked the 322 prospect in the nation as a 6’10 225 pound PF. He was ranked as the number 80 PF which would indicate he could certainly play the four spot at many schools, but probably not with great success at Michigan. I’d guess if he had enough perimeter skills to play the four in Belein’s offense he would have been ranked in the top 125, maaaybe top 150ish.

I DO think Jaron can play for us, but I think his, and our, best bet for him to play the five. He’s a bright kid and he plays for Michigan, that makes him a pretty good player, in my book. Like all of our kids, I’ll be routing for him, but he has a tough road with JT and CC ahead of him, fighting for some backup minutes with Davis. I think like Austin Davis, Jaron loves Michigan and is proud to be a Wolverine.

Faulds will have his chance in 2020. Next season he might push for the 3rd center spot.

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