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Yes, they could compete. Do I think they could beat the best PSL team this year (East English), no.

Not everyone thinks their hometown comp level is best…only a select few. That said, most would be hard pressed to find better comp than LA metro.

In terms of Detroit, I clearly acknowledged the comp level as above average and certainly not great.

Comp level is very relevant

It’s relevant as a one time mention in any sort of first look at a recruit. It’s not relevant (and now off topic) going forward in this thread.

I’m not really sure why MAAR’s shooting is such a relevant topic in ‘recruiting notes’ either, but Jordan Poole is shooting 44% from three at LaLu this year so that’s a relevant data point that he’s a pretty good shooter.

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I just flat out disagree with you, I think you’re wrong.

I think EYBL stats carry much more weight.

It’s not relevant moving forward? Guess that’s my que that you are flexing moderator/admin muscle. Point taken

I agree, Lima Senior is not that strong this year. I was only talking about the team X played on last year.

No, I’m saying that last year’s squad with Xavier Simpson would not beat this year’s edition of East English with Greg Elliott and David DeJulius.

Maybe not, but I would think that the 2nd best team in Ohio by a point, would certainly be able to compete with what may or may not turn out to be the best team in Michigan. Would probably be a great game to watch.

Would definitely be able to compete, no doubt about it.

Yes and no. The comp level is better in eybl, but the other side is that in many cases, AAU ball is very different from scholastic play (and ultimately college play)–teams don’t practice together as much, coaching is different, pace is different, defenses are different, objectives for the players are different. I was watching an AAU tournament years ago with my then high school age son, sitting behind a college assistant. My son, after a 1 on 4 foray resulting in an off balance missed shot, muttered “pass the ball” at which point the coach turned around and said “AAU son, it stands for all about you.” It’s why Carlton Brundidge could put up some ridiculous numbers in AAU games.

There are a lot of data points. Relying on one set misses, IMO, the whole picture.


Totally valid points. I just think relying on EYBL is much more valuable when a given prospect plays poor comp in HS (think Brandon Johns)

Agree completely. AAU is not the end all, just a part. You have to look at the whole picture.

Role is as important as comp, which is what MHoops1 is sorta getting at. Poole heaving contested 25 footers and wild drives to the rim where he is too weak to finish through contact as a main option on his EYBL squad is dissimilar to his role as a catch and shoot guy (I’m assuming) at the prep level and hopefully his first few at Michigan.

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What I love about EYBL is that it instantly exposes weaknesses in terms of what a player most likely cannot do at the college level based on lack of athleticism, size or skill.

Seems like nearly everyone on the board is convinced about Greg at this point. I really hope the staff pursues if no Bamba and I’ve let that be known as well

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Is he really closer to 6’ than 6’4"?

You’ve let it be known to the staff?

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