Quinn MLive article scouting Teske and Davis

Quinn checked out the '16 centers and has some extended thoughts:

I bet Beilein liked Davis’s passing skills. Also, he’s 16 – quite young for a high level junior basketball player, especially a big guy. He could still grow and could still see a lot of development in his body.

Can’t wait to get both of those guys here. They still have a couple of years to develope before we will need to depend on them.

Good stuff. Thanks for posting.
Hope Davis goes prep school route. Look forward to seeing him in 2022 as a RS Senior

Only 16 years old is a good thing.

Senior year, Prep School, Redshirt…that gives him 3 good years to chisle out and work on his game. Plus I think working with Doyle and Teske will be good for him.

I have doubts that Davis goes the prep school route AND redshirts…although I personally hope it is the case, I just wonder if he’d actually do that.

More on Davis:
You’re not going to win the Spiece marathon with just seven players, so the Mustangs acquitted themselves well given that circumstance by at least making it to Sunday. A recent U-M commitment, Davis struggled Friday night but got stronger as the weekend progressed. When he’s able to establish deep position and catch the ball cleanly, he scores consistently. He has a nice touch from the line, always a bonus for a big man. The Mustangs had two guys up front up aren’t afraid to hit you or take a hit, Davis and former Saginaw star Algevon Eichelberger. Plays hard and has a Big Ten body, so he has a chance as his skill and fitness levels continue to improve.