Quick quizzes

Without looking:

(1) by percentage, who were our 3 best 3pt shooters over the course of the year? In B1G play?

(2) who scored more points per minute in B1G conference games, Chatman, Rahkman, or Donnal? Over the course of the year?

(3) For year long stats, how many more ppg and rpg, combined, did Caris have more than Zak?


  1. Dawkins and Spike
  2. Rahk?
  3. 4 ppg; 2 rpg

Here are the answers:

(1) Over the year, in order: Dawkins, LeVert, Donnal
In B1G play: Dawkins, Walton, Chatman
Obviously, sample-size caveats apply, not to mention degree of difficulty concerns.

(2) Over the year and in B1G play: Chatman, Rahkman, Donnal (these numbers were quite close, though).

(3) Total: .7 – .6 more ppg, .1 more rpg. Caris did average over 2 more assists per game than Zak, though we all know Zak ramped up that part of his game toward the end of the season.