Quick Quiz: How many years this millenium has a team won the B1G by 3 games or more?

Twice. MSU in 09, and us last year.

In 07 and back there were only 16 conference games, making it a bit harder to get separation, but even then only two years did anyone win it by 2 - OSU in 07 and Illinois in '05.

Just a quick moment to appreciate last year before this year’s real games tip off.

Definitely worth pointing out that last season’s B1G conference season was highly unusual and worth remembering as a special year. Things will be a lot more clumped together and subject to scheduling with Maryland and Rutgers now in the fold.

It is in a way ridiculous JB didn’t get the Coach of the Year award last year. That is not to take away anything from Miles who is an excellent coach. But JB did similar things to Miles and did not get rewarded for it (first time back to the dance with walk on point guards, B1G championship share with Zack and Stu, and the year before that with DMo). So, finally when JB wins the B1G by three games after losing the NPOY, not having McGary for the B1G season and also losing another 1st rounder, he has to share it.

I guess most would say who cares about personal awards, but JB deserved that one.

And yet Coach Beilien had to share the Coach of Year award with a coach he beat both times.

Yup. Beilein lost the NPOY (Burke) another 1st round pick (THJ) and a preseason All-American (McGary), and still took Michigan to 15-3 in the toughest conference in the country. His coaching job last season is very underrated.