Quick question about Zavier simpson

If I’m not mistaken…Zavier simpson vertical is over 40 inches? He doesn’t seem athletic to me …Is this true because wasn’t GR3 and ibi Watson over 40 inches as well?

There are two current players that have over a 40 inch vertical. Zavier & Eli…


I didn’t know about Eli but he does seem more athletic than simpson. That is crazy considering most thought eli would struggle laterally and on defense and he has succeeded expectations… he’s a smart kid and now I see what OSU, temple,Villanova and numerous colleges saw in him. He would star in a lesser college and I absolutely think that he would have a great season…hope our players star showcasing their athleticism now with a change of scenery.

Does Zavier really not seem athletic you?

His athleticism is a major part of the reason he’s so elite defensively. I couldn’t find an easy windmill dunk he did pregame last year but here’s a video from the start of his senior year in high school, when he was 5’10 or 5’11


I saw this…I was just wondering why he doesnt dunk more in games ? I am satisfied but he does not show his elite athleticism in games.

Much like Charles Matthews, he’s a two footed jumper. It’s very difficult to in game dunk when your short and a two footed jumper.


Ok… that’s understanable…now that I think of it- it makes sense. Thank you.