Question for Dylan (or anybody else who knows) on Houstan and shooting

This is based on feel–I haven’t gone back to game tapes, and certainly not to his FIBA or high school film or numbers–but it strikes me viscerally that Houstan is a much more comfortable 3 point shooter from above the break than he is from the corners. Do the stats bear that out, whether at Michigan or overall? If I’m correct in my visceral feeling, then a tweak to the offense could unlock a lot of things for this team. Of course, if I’m wrong, as Emily Litella (you youngsters can look it up) used to say, “Oh, that’s very different. Never mind.”

Houstan reminds me a lot of Jerrod Ward, the #1 high school player to give Michigan the fab5 V2 class in 1995. A highly touted finesse wing player, who in his earlier years liked to drive to the basket, and who fell in love with the 3 pointer in his later years (after 2 knee operations). He was an average 3-point shooter who avoided the inside game. I think Houstan is a better player, a great passer, and from what it looks, he is an average 3 point threat despite the fact that he was advertised as 3 point expert. What surprised me is that he insists to drive to the basket where he is getting bullied and have his shots blocked. I hope he improves his 3-point shot and elbow jumper, as Michigan needs his outside shooting badly.

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I’m not sure on that, would have to look into it a bit more. It’s definitely way too early to gain anything about where a guy likes to shoot at this point using stats from this year.