Purdue or Illinois

Illinois because we get another win most likely or Purdue because it would be a better win?!

Get some Kam!

I would pick Illinois.

Better matchup of the 2 and it would be their 4th game in 4 days and maybe legs will give out.

I’ll say Illinois.

Illinois cause they aren’t good.

Illinois because it is another win and getting to the Championship game will be better than losing in the semis.

Also, getting an RPI boost from playing MSU again would be nice.


Hail, no matter what seed Michigan is, I’m donating.

What a glorious day!

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What a game!!! Alum I could kiss you! I don’t care who just keep battling!!

Ha. I’ll admit to assuming that we were done after IU went up 5. Actually, I never really thought we’d pull it out even before that. I certainly would never have predicted that ending.

Same. Kids battled. Had some great stops in there

Has to be Illinois, they have no interior presence to speak of. Teams like that usually equate to victory for us.

Depends on your priorities. Purdue is better for NCAAT seeding, Illinois is obviously better for advancing to the BTT Finals though.

Illinois is getting laughed off the court. it’ll be Purdue

Purdue has got this in the bag.

Doesn’t matter at this point, we’re solidly in.

I’d like to avoid having to go to Dayton first though. I don’t really count “making the tournament” unless you get to the real games.

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There is no way St Mary’s is in over Michigan Like Lunaridi says

Florida and Cincinnati lost. I hope lunardi has adjusted his last 4 in by now.

Jon, cinci losing may hurt us.

If we want the BEST teams in, how in the works does Vanderbilt and st. Mary in ahead of us. And Valparaiso? What is this!?