Purdue Fort Wayne at Michigan canceled due to coronavirus issues

texting EMU
“u up?”


With Christmas and everything else, I can’t really see a make up game getting inserted right now.

Well hopefully I can get ESPNU on my laptop to see Livers and Walton at 2pm in the G League showcase. So I don’t have to go through basketball withdrawal.

EDIT: Zavier Simpson and DJ Wilson too

Sorry but my hamstrings are really tight, so if we’re putting together a squad to get out there this evening I’m a scratch


Sadly, I think we’ll be seeing more of this. :cry:


Yeah I totally agree especially with all the holiday traveling the next 2wks. Have a Merry Christmas to all of you on the board and be safe out there.:slightly_smiling_face:


Do we get a forfeit win? I know Seton Hall had to forfeit for COVID issues to St. John’s and DePaul forfeited to Seton Hall. Is that dependent on conference rules?

What’s the point of a forfeit W/L? I imagine that game wouldn’t be counted on the Team Sheet for NET rankings as a win or loss since the game didn’t actually happen.

I guess those two are conference games so it matters for the conference standings but it seems silly to penalize teams for this when I imagine most players are vaccinated at this point.

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Forfeits only relate to conference standings so no impact here.

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If teams have to forfeit games due to Covid outbreaks, that would act as a disincentive to test players. If we’re going to have Covid protocols, we can’t be doing that.


Right now, that is the rule across major conferences. There’s a chance it is changed though.

It also only matters for regular season title and conference tournament seeding. It doesn’t impact NET or your actual record.


Thanks! Didn’t have time to search for the rule. Chasing a 2 year old around will do that.