Purdue big men my

All three of their big men are utilizing the same move and they are traveling everyone. They have been getting away with it all year and I’m getting pissed. It’s the move where they do a jump stop. First off they are landing in a gallop motion, feet hitting one two, instead of both feet planting at the same time. When you do a jump stop your feet have to land at same time and you must jump off both feet. They Are galloping, stopping, then jumping off one foot again. You can’t do that. It’s a travel and makes them impossible to stop. I’m sick of refs letting teams travel so much, some of these euro steps are a stretch too such bad reffing.

Also puing Wagner like that after one mistake is disgusting. He’s the only guy who can score back on their bigs. Coach b needs to stop the nonsense he’s hurting the team badly. Donnall is getting destroyed out there. Give the kid a chance before the game is out of reAch

The only way we have a remote chance of stopping the Purdue bigs is to fight for position. If Purdue’s bigs catch the ball within 8 feet from the basket, you might as well count the bucket. Have to do a much better job of beating their bigs to the spot and pushing them off the block. Alternatively, if their bigs establish deep position, our bigs have to front to deter the entry pass…this is coached at every school in the country, yet we struggle mightily with it.

From a coaching standpoint I’m disappointed we are not making their big men “turn left” or “playing their left shoulder”.

How are all 3 of their bigs able to turn to their right so easy? That is a bit disappointing from a coaching/scouting report stand point.

Wagner did force Haas left once, and the bench/staff was noticeably pleased. That being said, we’ve done a very poor job as a team denying position and fronting the post…hard to blame the staff with only 1 day to prepare, but then again, this will be our third time playing this team so it shouldn’t be that hard to implement a game plan.

The really baffling thing is hedging hard on the pick, Purdue guards are no threat to drive or shoot, so we should be using a soft hedge to avoid putting our bigs in bad rotation scenarios. That is bad from a coaching standpoint.

Bench donnall. No effort today. Just gAve the kid the lay up. We can not lose bad, if weose by double digits it will knock us out. Trust me not a good look, they will use it as a point. Every loss they get blown out, don’t look like a tourney teSm ect. EArly on when we were down two or four I was thinking at least we look like s tourney teAm. Even if we lost I was thinking we made a stAtement that we belong. This blowout can’t happen.

We need offense give Dawkins a look with Robinson and see if they can rain threes to come back. We can’t get blown out. This is the worst scenario. They need to make. Huge run or kiss the season good bye

Dawkins is the last thing you need…he’s a turnover and blown rotation waiting to happen. Kam needs to seriously be considered for a starting spot. He’s outplaying Duncan by a pretty wide margin on both ends of the court at this point.

Duncan’s offense looks ok to me. My thing is aubreys are most dangerous shooter/scorer when he gets looks, when we go through droughts I feel like we need to give him some looks and see if he can get us out of our slump. He fills it up in a hurry. We need to take that chance

You have to be kidding me…Dawkins is our most dangerous scorer? We must be seeing very different things out there. Dawkins would be my absolute last guy off the bench other than DJ. He cannot be trusted with the ball at all. Makes very poor decisions and has no handle.

What’s wrong with a 2-3 zone. I think that will be most effective right now. Pack in 2-3 and see if they can shoot. Worked for cuse agAinst Indiana when zeller and that tough front line was there. I think it would work and totAlly counter what Purdue wants to to. Make them hit threes/ their bigs hit the elbow jumper.

Will get killed on the glass

He can be out most dangerous scorer. I sW it last year and a few times this yeAr. If he gets the looks he can heAt up and that’s when our offense is real tough. We need someone in those droughts. I think his shot is the most consistent,

He’s strictly a catch and shoot player. Players like that need dynamic creators to give them space to shoot…we don’t have that. He’s absolutely horrible on D, we simply can’t afford to play him.

I’d much rAther take my chance then what’s going on, on the I know right now. We rebound ok usuAlly this year. I meAn look at the positioning. It’d without doubt our only shot right now. I’d much rather risk that then what’s going on one on one down low

We’ve gotten done looks though. We’re missing them. Maybe he can hit it

Packed in 2-3 will work. We are better rebounded then we are post d.

I told you, rebounding is a HUGE issue with this team. A zone would absolutely allow them to feast on the glass

Irvin gets to trigger happy after one mAke. Reasons we are average. Purdue scoreless for five minutes. And we only cut the lead by five . Missed our chance to cut the lead down to six, you need to go on a 10-0 run in those moments. Like twins do to us. You have to make teAms pay in those droughts. We don’t other teAms make us though

THAT is why you need tough kids from Detroit…simply refuse to back down.

But Matt look at the alternative. They are getting what they want when they want. Here we go!makes me bade we only got two buckets in that five minute drought. Had we got eight or ten we’d be up.