Purdue at Michigan Discussion Thread



I’m not blaming Matthews. I wanted a damn timeout so we would know exactly when to start the action. Too young a team to be trusted to get that right.


Rambling thoughts:

  1. the result sucks. A lot. So close to a resume-making win.

  2. this team is really really fun to watch and so promising for the future

  3. it’s really weird watching a JB team be clearly worse at shooting than a big ten opponent.

  4. the Duncan / Livers argument should be over, no question

  5. Fighting back from 14 down to a top-5 team speaks volumes to this team’s toughness. They just need to learn how to grind out and win close games.

  6. I think end of close game situations will continue to be frustrating because we don’t have any great shot hunters. MAAR isolations and Matthews/Wagner pick and roll are the best options but I just don’t trust those at all down the stretch

  7. I will now take all of my Free Livers energy and put it toward the Free Poole movement. A lineup of MAAR, Poole, Matthews, Livers, Wagner would do just fine with ball handling, beating pressure and getting into the sets

  8. when teams switch a small guard (PJ Thompson, repeatedly) onto Wagner and we refuse to enter the ball to him on the block, I lose my mind every time. I’d much rather take a shot at that matchup than having Simpson or MAAR attack Haas.

  9. Great game from Simpson. Kid has a bright future.


It was two juniors on that play. I’m not going to complain about an open look at the basket with 5 or fewer seconds left.


That block by Haarms on MAAR was everything about why this was going to be a hard game. MAAR gets by like 98% of Big Ten defenders on that play, I think.


Mo’s a known knucklehead - or at least he certainly seems youngish to me, and Charles didn’t play for a year. This wasn’t hindsight for me, I really wanted a time out because I didn’t think we had a mature enough team to get that right.


My two cents, because Haas is soft that seemed like a foul. I’m sorry Haas made a soft effort to go get that pass but you can’t make that call with 4 seconds left. It wasn’t blatant no matter if Moe technically fouled him by definition. Absolutely horrible.


Still not young. For me, if you get a good look, that’s getting it right. We did. No complaints for me. Lots to complain about our previous two possessions, but not our last one. Calling a TO there also gives the opponent a chance to set the defense. And I don’t think it’s really a secret what we would do on that possession out of a timeout.


I certainly see that way of thinking, but I just think 100% you can’t create a scenario where you can lose in regulation when you have the opportunity to take the last shot. I don’t think that’s a crazy way of thinking.

Also, you could even lose on a 3 if Matthews gets the lay up there. I want two possible outcomes: Win OR Overtime. Nothing else. Particularly when you have the home court for the overtime.


The likelihood of losing in OT is just as good, if not greater, than if you are up 2 with > 5 seconds left. I think most coaches would take the lead. We got a good look, no complaints for me. Did not like players not moving the previous two possessions. If I wanted to change anything, that’d be it.


Now you’re twisting what I’m saying. I’m sure as hell not saying I wouldn’t prefer to be up 2, lol.

I’m just throwing that in as a minuscule extra reason I want the very last shot. 99% of my argument is predicated on him missing there/losing the ball.


All I can rationally say is that I hate replay in all sports and it needs to be abolished.


Or at least time limited. You need 5 minutes to change that call? Go to hell.



Yes, although maybe he was getting blown by if he doesn’t foul there


If anything

The duration would seem to rule out “incontrovertible evidence”, which is supposed to be the standard, I thought.

Regardless, these replays don’t “get the call right”, it’s all tea leaf reading and interpretation.


Gotcha. Still take the opportunity we had there. Matthias made a great play, but we should have had the last opportunity anyways, if not for officiating miscue.



It was a great path to the basket. Charles has to be stronger with the ball there and Matthias really is a great defender. He’s a Painter special, like that one dude who was like 100% muscle (looked it up, Chris Kramer). It’s a strong belief of mine that you avoid all possibilities to lose the game in regulation, but as opportunities go, that was a great one.


With modern technology, it doesn’t really rule out incontrovertible evidence, but the duration sure as heck rules out obvious mistake. And what if it was our ball?! We have to wait five minutes to get our 5 second to run a play? Too long a delay. Not okay.


I would have preferred Teske in for Wagner on a defensive possession with 6 seconds to go.

Hopefully the Livers/ Robinson dispute is dead. It is not even close. Livers does not need to be playing half as good as he has been playing on offense for him to still be the preferred option. I really don’t see the point of Robinson playing more than 10 a game.

The next step is for Beilein to figure out a way to get Teske on the floor for 20 minutes a game. He is that good of a defender in my opinion.

This team can stay in very difficult games with their defense. Very impressed. But JB needs to recognize that this team, if the right combination is played, is actually abvery good defensive team.

Love this Kid Poole!