Purdue at Michigan Discussion Thread


Never apologize, I spend WAY too much time on this site (and now over at The Athletic) to ever complain! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to create a new routine to get even more hyped for games :slight_smile:

Thanks Dylan!


I feel that OSU is going to be the story of this season. the two teams that won big ten last two seasons each had a graduate transfer from Michigan on their roster, and OSU has one too.


Quite a small side story line isn’t it? As much as you hate it being OSU, at least their emergence has helped the conference. They picked up the slack for at least one of the disappointing teams.

I think it’ll be a battle between them and Michigan for that 3 or 4 spot in the standings. Unfortunately, Michigan hasn’t played well against them recently. That would be a tough pill to swallow to lose that game at home and get swept.

As far as tonight, I have a bad feeling Purdue wants to make amends for the two losses last year. I hope I’m wrong but my gut instinct right now is Michigan loses in a close one.


Yea I don’t feel great about tonight either. Kinda wish Michigan was playing at Purdue first, as I do believe they will be fired up for some revenge. Would like michigans chances better playing them a second time at home later in the season when maybe they wouldn’t be as high emotionally.

Michigan is going to have to play great tonight to win and I’m not sure the team is playing at their highest level right now. Certainly Wagner and Matthews are not as of late. Would find it hard to believe that can Michigan can win without both those guys playing well and one of them having a big game.


Agreed on all of your comments. If Wagner hadn’t gotten injured and was playing well, I’d be feeling good tonight but his recent play is what has me most worried (for tonight now future).

On the flip side, if Michigan does wins tonight, we need to seriously start thinking about how much higher we should raise their tournament ceiling.


I think we win this game. I just feel like Coach Beilein has their number.


Yea I might be still too bearish on Michigan right now. I’m still not completely sold they will make the tournament. Tonight would go a long ways towards changing that. I do feel like this team has a lot of potential but I have not seen them put it together yet. It could also be the fact that I am not used to Michigan having a quality defense. I’m not sold that is true either, but certainly it has kept them afloat while the offense has been inconsistent.


Hope we get some home court magic here.

Tall order. Z has to neutralize Carson Edwards (who can beast if you let him). Vince Edwards has always been solid, if unspectacular, he’s got a lot of experience under his belt now and plays like an upper classman. He scored in DJ’s chest last year, will Charles step up to the challenge?

Shooting over Haarms, talk about tall order. He’s Teske’s plus height plus two inches and more mobile. Haas can destroy you but not if he starts missing shots. We need him to miss shots. It’s simplistic, but they have to shoot poorly and we need a good shooting night.

Mostly, they feel older and bigger than us.

A surprise tonight would be beyond sweet, but I’ve got pretty managed expectations for this one.


Yeah don’t like this matchup now that Purdue plays a long, athletic 4 as opposed to Swanigan. And if Purdue is hitting 3s like this, no chance.


Need Mo to hit a couple more 3s if we’re going to win


Free Livers


Been saying it for a month.


I love Coach B but I am utterly disconsolate at his failure to call time out. Terrible decision and I was screaming for it.

This is too young a team. You needed to take the LAST SHOT.

Matthews went too soon.

You needed to come out of there with the win or overtime. And that would have been established in a time out.

I understand he would have some worries about inbounding the ball, but you had a timeout to spare and you could have called that TO with about 18 seconds left and plenty of time to run the possession. BAD.


What a load of bullshit


Completely disagree.


Well then we disagree. You have to get the last shot there. There’s no excuse for creating a scenario where you can lose in regulation. Matthews had a nice path, but I just want to make sure you get the last shot.

My friend texted his disagreement with me, as well, but I am adamant about this.


Geez, that is one hell of a play by Matthias, fwiw. Ugh.


He had a look at the basket that he could have made, for fouled or had a chance at a putback since he drew two defenders. Good play.


I just don’t think you can start your move with 7 on the clock there. Gotta start with 4-5 left.


Then your compliant is with Wagner as he caused the opening by coming up to Matthews’ defender. Matthews either attacks the opening or lets the defense recover and settles for a far worse opportunity.