Prop bets, odds to win it all

Who do we like. All the 28-1 are my sweet spots. I like as follows

Michigan 28-1
Oregon 28-1
Unc 28-1
Wvu 28-1
Ucla 33-1
Memphis 75-1

I really like Memphis at that long shot.way too much talent there returning and they add Nolley and Cisse. I think they’re sweet 16 at least with final 4 potential so 75-1 is ludicrous.

I smacked Rhode Island plus 8.5 vs asu for four hundred. I knew asu and Christopher were coming in over hyped at Rhode Island is tough. Had me nervous but we hit.


I don’t think Penny Hardaway has put in one offensive set with that roster and his defensive gameplan seems to be run around and trap whenever you want.

So I didn’t watch last year enough beyond highlights to find out why they underachieved a bit but I assumed x and o’s played a part so this could be a downfall for sure but at 75-1 that talent is worth throwing 50-100 on it imo.

I think they have the raw talent to get to day 2. I’m assuming after they handled St Mary’s with ease they will go down a bit even if St Mary’s is down this year but 75-1 has some value

What the hell? $400? I can’t comprehend it.

I usually play 25-100 a game if I play individual games at all. Early season I think you can find good values if you are up on recruits ect.

There are certain teams I have in mind that I’m eyeing to bet against or for depending on how I feel if theyre under or over valued. Early season can be great.

Fading zona st twice was gold. Knock on wood I started 5-0 this year.

The Nfl is the sport I’m still trying to nail down, this is the first year I’m up this late in the year. Might have forced it this weekend though.

Gave up on baseball after getting smacked two summers ago. Not sure how the hell people make money there or specialize in that sport.

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