Primer: South Regional time, TV, ticket and streaming information


FYI: there appears to be about a 30% service charge tacked on to these prices, at least the ones I was looking at.

However, when I abandoned my cart, I got a 10% off coupon in my email. I’ll still shop around, but I just thought I would mention it for anybody else who’s shopping.

ETA: The 10% discount turns out to be off of the service charge only. So it’s about a 3% discount.

Anybody else planning to go to the game? I’m planning on heading down from Austin. Still debating whether to bring my 4-year-old or someone else. My usual suspects all have conflicts sadly

Unfortunately, tickets from Detroit to anywhere nearby in Texas are nuts right now

Any ideas for how to stream this game from Aruba? Been having a lot of difficulty finding the TBS games on vacation and my Xfinity sub is being blocked outside the US.

isn’t Aruba on Eastern time? I bet there’s a friendly bar around

Did you try a VPN browser extension?

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@umhoops or anyone, is there a way to know what time(s) Michigan might play on Saturday if they win?

6pm or 8:30pm on TBS. I haven’t been able to find which regional will air first.

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