Primer: NCAA West Regional time, TV, ticket and streaming information

UM Hoops after dark on Thursday night again.

The little article preview still mentions Montana/Des Moines and the ticket section of the article itself still references the Wells Fargo Center.

Where can we find the full set of game times?


Also, I’m already tired of listening to Reggie Miller blather on about whatever and Dan Bonner’s generally bland/pointless “analysis.” Hurray for potentially two more games of hating the announcers!

Dylan, get thee to a charger!


Harlan is a really good play-by-play guy.

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I like Kevin Harlan. The other two-thirds of his broadcast team…not so much. At least Dana Jacobson is a Michigan grad.

Early Hoop-Math conclusions on Texas Tech:

  • Jarret Culver: Three level scorer. Primary creator. Can hit threes off the dribble and finish at the rim. Not great in the mid-range so you want force him into that shot as much as possible but not super unusually anemic or anything. Solid passer. HIGH usage.
  • Matt Mooney: Secondary creator. Decently effecient from everwhere, but settles for too many mid-range jumpers because he struggles to get to the rim. He is effecient once he gets there. Not a knockdown three point shooter but he can make em.
  • Davide Moretti: Elite effeciency from everywhere on the floor, but struggles to get to the rim. Elite spot-up shooter. 44% from three. But he’s also a 53% shooter from the mid-range! So if you run him off the line, he’s gonna dribble into a pull-up and make it. NEED to close out under control when guarding him.
  • Tariq Owens: Elite defender / shot-blocker. Switchable center, but very skinny. Good offensive rebounder but weak on the defensive boards. Will catch and finish. He is also has a 2 point-jumper that you need to respect. Shoots 52% on 2 point jumpers.
  • Odiase Norense: He’s a big-man who starts for some reason but doesn’t play starters minutes.
  • Brandone Francis: He can make spot-up 3s but sucks otherwise.
  • Kyler Edwards: Good spot-up shooter. Solid at the rim. Not much of a creator.
  • Deshawn Corprew: Same player as Kyler.

I’m planning to go to this one, as I live in LA! For those of you unfamiliar with the area, you can take the Amtrak train from Union Station to Anaheim and walk to the stadium.


Anyone know where the Michigan section will be at the Honda Center (when looking at tix)?

Looking him up now.