Primer: NCAA Tournament time, TV, ticket and streaming information



These late starts (3/4 past years) are a slap in the face. 9:20 really means 10:00; I think the Houston game tipped off at a ridiculous 10:30 last year. We have a 66 year old (future hall of fame) coach who is 8 months removed from heart surgery. Yet he’s forced to push his body and health to the limit year after year. Shameful and disrespectful.


Good grief, yet another wee hours NCAA Tournament game.


I agree. I hate watching games and waiting all day to see Michigan play.


Even worse as media so I feel all of your pain. Late nights by the time press stuff wraps up.


Whoa. Relax dude. If there were any health risks involved for Beilein to continue coaching he simply wouldn’t be doing it anymore. I don’t think they take coaches age into account when they select TV times…


So the #1 and #2 rated defenses could meet in the sweet 16 round. That should be interesting.


Big fan of the late games, but I might be the only UMhoops fan in Juneau, Alaska!


As an early riser and a parent with a teenager it gets me on both ends. Still, I will not miss.


My cousin lives in Palmer, but he’s not the biggest Michigan basketball fan