Primer: NCAA Tournament time, TV, and streaming information

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Dana is a Michigan alum so that’s good. Playing in a gym we’ve played in before can’t hurt. Reggie is a terrible announcer so that’s not ideal. But anyone who isn’t Bardo will be a welcome change.

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Have all of the other game times been posted anywhere yet?

I had the wrong broadcast crew there,s orry.

We have Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel and Jamie Erdahl.

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It’s wrong to look past any team in the tourney, but LSU is glaring as a major hurdle to move on. I like any 2 seed bracket opponent over Michigan’s 1 seed.

Does anyone else think it’s a bit unfair for Purdue to play in Lucas Oil after already adjusting to the shooting background, odd layout, etc. at the Big Ten tourney already? Maybe I’m overthinking things I just figured they wouldn’t be placing Big Ten teams there until the second weekend.

It is interesting as I believe @tony was of the mind that the committee would avoid doing that. I guess in the grand scheme they only played the one game and there will be a week between their games there, so I’m not sure it’s going to be much of an advantage.


And they’ll only play first round there, second round will be in a new location

So the stream is free? Are they running the broadcast networks ads in the stream?

Yeah, I thought that they’d try a little harder to keep Big Ten teams out of Mackey, Assembly Hall, and Lucas Oil Stadium, but if I recall correctly I believe the guidelines are that unless a team has played more than 3 games in a venue during the regular season or conference tournament, they can still play at that venue in the NCAA tournament. So Michigan can play a couple of games at Mackey and Assembly Hall under these guidelines. But honestly, I bet they’ve just thrown these out the window this year – especially with the B1G tourney taking place in Indy, sounds like the NCAA doesn’t really care.