Pre-Spain practices began today




Iggy looking like Wagner out there


This is just what I needed to get me excited! Yeah, baby!


I know it’s one play in one practice clip but that drive by Iggy looked explosive and has me excited. I still hold strong in my belief that Poole, Matthews, Iggy will be the best set of wings anywhere in the country not named Duke this season.


Iggy just knows how to get buckets… I’m excited to watch him this year


That was some Cassius Winston level D by Johns on Iggy’s drive. Turrible. From which I take nothing


I can’t wait to watch this team


You can bet these guys will be pushing each other everyday…


Practices will be like a war zone! And the freshmen had better be ready!


I think the sophmore’s need to be ready for what the freshman might bring to the party


And everybody better be ready for the battles they’ll have with Charles and Z! Like chaser said, “these guys will be pushing each other everyday…” Gosh, I’d love to be at those practices!


Skip to 1:44 in this interview and you get a look at the reworked Zavier Simpson shot that looks pretty similar to last years.


Not really my area of expertise, but it does look better. More fluid and a higher release point. Still more of a set shot without a ton of elevation. I dont think that this will ever be his bread and butter. I would love for him to develop a good floater too.

Push comes to shove, it doesnt need to be the best shot in the world just enough to keep folks more honest and be at least semi-effective

I will be curious how effective his shot will be by the time the season rolls around. Still have a few months before the first real game


Curious what others think but I thought that shot at least there , looked improved. He bounced off the floor and there was a more fluid chain of energy that traveled from his feet to his fingertips. Last year his legs, spine, and arms were not working toward one purpose and then he would top the whole mess off with a curved spine and tilted forward head like he was doing a Soccer throw in.


Definitely looked more fluid to me than previously but I’d have to go back to the tape cause I’m basing that off my recollections of last season and that’s a different angle than we normally get


I’ m praying he did fix his shot up. We will be a much more dangerous team if Z can shoot!

But yeah, that is a difficult angle to judge.


Yea…and hit the free ones above 75%


We’re overanalyzing, of course. But my two takeaways are that: (1) Z’s shot looks better and (2) DDJ is quick.


I thought Nunez looked to have some athleticism, in addition to “Z’s shot looks better and DDJ is quick.” Of course, Nunez’ take to the basket and dunk was against a manager, so there is that caveat. We’ll see what he can do against Charles or JP.