Potential grad transfer additions


The opportunity to backup the four on a Michigan roster that is otherwise pretty crowded is probably not quite as appealing as the bunches of playing time at Oregon and an assistant coach who basically gets any Canadian kid that he wants. Could be as simple as that.


I suppose it’s possible that McIntosh could see Duncan as a roadblock to getting starter’s minutes at the 4, but that would surprise me. Though playing time is definitely more of a given, at Oregon or Oklahoma. He could be the 1st or 2nd option, on either team.

If Michigan really isn’t kicking the tires, I’d be curious to know why. Sure seems like a great fit.


We don’t know that Michigan isn’t kicking the tires. Also if those efforts to start or maintain a relationship with a prospect are not being received positively by the kid, it certainly won’t be advertised to the world by Michigan itself.


Lucky? If he makes a good move, it’s luck? Wow. Mitch had nothing to do with Beilein offering Spike, who had no other even mid major offers. Re: McIntosh, tell me everything you know about communications between McIntosh and Michigan. Tell me everything you know about his actual reasons for picking UO and OU. You make a lot of assumptions with no basis in fact.


Some good stuff here on the thought that goes into these kind of moves


I would think that he could easily beat out Livers (unproven) and Robinson (no defense) without much issue.
And being from Ontario seems like we’d have a better shot. But who knows.


And I’m sure you would agree now that not only was Simpson straight up better than Spike this year, but getting him some experience was really important for the future. Right?


Folks also forget that Captain Calves had to move on in order for Beilein to go after Jaylen Brown with an open roster spot.


Who says that UM hasn’t reached out? It seems quite obvious that Beilein basically recruits under the cloud of darkness.


But Robinson is going to play, probably at least ~25 minutes per game. Charles Matthews is going to play, probably 30 minutes per game. There’s only another 25 minutes there on the wing to go between Livers, Poole, Ibi and then whatever grad transfer wing that Michigan would bring it.

I understand the potential issues with Livers and Robinson at the four, but don’t really see it as a no brainer spot for instant playing time.

As for Ontario being a benefit, Mike Mennenga (http://www.goducks.com/coaches.aspx?rc=1418&path=mbball) founded CIA Bounce which is why you see so many kids from Ontario end up at Oregon. For example, DIllon Brooks and Dylan Ennis both were CIA Bounce kids I believe.


It’s dumb to call this a moral dilemma. There aren’t two immoral choices to decide between.


I don’t think that’s the definition of the term. But it doesn’t really seem like a moral dilemma to me either. The article kind of misuses idyllic too. Come on Quinn!


Simpson got so much playing time and developed so much that JB just recruited over him. Just like it was so valuable to get Ricky all that playing time and development instead of keeping Max. Oh wait…


??? Did I miss LAW saying anything about Simpson being starting material? Are you denying that Simpson was better than Spike last year? Are you denying that the playing time was valuable? That’s literally the only thing he even said about him.


Yeah, he “recruited over him” by grabbing a really good fifth year senior.

The reality is this: (1) Simpson was just plain better than Spike last year, which was utterly predictable because our staff had rightly concluded Spike wasn’t going to be anything near 100% with his back issues; (2) even though Simmons will almost certainly start this year, Simpson is the main backup at the PG position and it was good to get him some much needed experience last year; and (3) it’s not as if Simpson’s career is over, or anything close to it - he’ll sit for a year behind Simmons, get valuable playing time, and certainly have a good shot at starting in 2018/19. Yes, DeJulius may ultimately win that job, but it’s hardly a foregone conclusion.


I was pretty happy to see Wagner get minutes myself.


Again, Jaylen Brown >>>>>>> Max
Having depth at the 5 allows you to pursue a top talent and Max landed on his feet just fine.



What does Jaylen Brown have to do with Max?


If they kept Max, there was no scholarship available to recruit Jaylen Brown. Probably a little late to ask him back after you tell him you need his scholarship.