Potential 2014 Targets

In case we have more than Nik leaving this year, I thought I’d spotlight some guys I think would be worthy of a scholarship.

  1. Elijah Stewart. 6-6 wing who was released from his LOI from Loyola Marymont. Latebloomer who Evan Daniels says is the best prospect left outside Myles Turner and can play anywhere. Athletic, long, defends and has range out to the NBA 3. Played against Cal Poly regularly so he probably knows Kameron Chatman very well. 2014 HS prospect- 4 years of eligibility.


  1. Cole Huff. 6-8 Sf who is transferring from Nevada. Explosive athlete and scorer, long and a marksman 3 point shooter (shoots 40 % on 4 attempts). Reminds me of other former WCC and MWC players like Tony Snell, Kawahi Leonard and Paul George. Would be great on either side of the wing. Barred from staying out West. 2 years of eligibility.
  1. Eron Harris- From Indiana and is looking to stay close to home. He is a marksman at 6-3 who shoots 42 % on 6 attempts. Not much of a facilitator or defender. 2 years of eligibility. Seems like a great kid.
  1. Bryce Dejean-Jones- Talented scorer from UNLV. Has character issues and can be a blackhole but his offensive skill-set cannot be questioned and he has great size 6-5 for a wingplayer who can pull=up from 3 and is uber athletic. Solid rebounder, good vision, good defender. Fred Hoiberg is desperately after him and a coach like Beilein might be able to help him mature. 1 year of eligibility.
  1. Solomon Poole- Small power combo-guard who can score from anywhere on the floor. Former top 50 recruit who is transferring from Georgia Tech. Turnover prone and character issues. Tech fans compare him to Russ Smith. Two years of eligibility.

I am with you on Stewart, would seem like a nice pickup. The others… I just don’t see the transfers happening. Though Huff is intriguing.

Would take any of them except Poole.

Any chance we take another late Ohio decomittment Tariq Owens 6-9 skinny big man or BC transfer Ryan Anderson who averaged 14 and 7 boards last year. Not sure on eligibility but two interesting players.

Any chance we take another late Ohio decomittment Tariq Owens 6-9 skinny big man or BC transfer Ryan Anderson who averaged 14 and 7 boards last year. Not sure on eligibility but two interesting players.

Owens is being held captive

I don’t think Ryan Anderson fits due to his lack of a perimeter shot

In other news, Roddy Peters is transferring out of Maryland. Top 40 HS recruit, 6-4 PG. Couldn’t shoot so I doubt we take a look but he will be a stud in about 2-3 years.

Notes: The best prospect in Europe in a long time, probably since Ricky Rubio ... In the US he would be considered a 5 star recruit, and according to sources he will be recruited from colleges as a 5 star recruit ... What Mykhaliuk showed at the recent U16 European championships was a mix of athleticism, skills and feel for the game that is extremely rare to see in a European player, or any player of his age, for that matter ...


Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk didn't get a lot of opportunities to score, but he showed some impressive tools for a 16 year-old when he did. Standing 6'6 with a 6'6 wingspan, and a solid 191 pound frame, the Ukrainian shooting guard showed intriguing athleticism and the ability to create space or find the open man off the dribble. Throwing a number of terrific passes and knocking down a step-back 18-footer isolated on the wing in the clutch, he's stood out on the few chances he's had to make an impression. Competing regularly against older players may become the norm for Mykhailiuk who has had a number of college teams come out to the Ukraine to recruit him. The son of a professor, he attends a multi-lingual school in the Ukraine, speaks very good English, and is in position to potentially commit to and attend an NCAA institution starting this fall even though he'd only be 17 years old for the duration of his freshman year, making him one of the youngest players in college basketball history. The target of a number of top-level Euroleague teams as well, Mykhailiuk is one of the more intriguing 1997-born prospects outside of the United States, and his status as a recruit is something we'll be monitoring closely.

From DraftExpress.com http://www.draftexpress.com#ixzz2yV7UbyQ0

Yeah… Beilein should visit this dude and Murray at the Nike Hoop Summit

I just watched the highlights and that Ukrainian kid is a more athletic Stauskas with even better ballhandling. Crazy.

Wow - Impressive videos…this kid would be electric in Beilein’s system…

Sean Obi, 6’9’’ PF/C transfer out of Rice. 3 years of eligibility.

“As a freshman at Rice, he averaged 11 points and 9 rebounds a game. He’s 6’9” and 265. He’s originally from Nigeria, but his guardians live in Greenwich, CT"

“His ability to consistently score within the arc would have likely been a cornerstone for Rhoades’ offensive plans: Obi made nearly 60 percent of his twos. He was also ferocious on the defensive glass, grabbing roughly 31 percent of opponents’ misses, a rate which ranked second in Ken Pomeroy’s database.”

"He plays below the rim on both sides of the ball - not much of a rim protector at all, and doesn’t have any lateral quickness. "

Josh Cunningham

if jb wants a shot blocker at center. Myles Turner

well. if sam webb is right we are losing 3 more kids. its going to be a wild april/may. lets hope hes wrong

If Chris Mack takes the Cal job, that could put Bluiett and Edmond Sumner back on the market for Michigan. I’d think Sumner might be a more likely option as the staff didn’t really pursue Bluiett the 2nd time around

summer is a pg we dont need a pg

Sumner is 6’5, he doesn’t have to play PG, he’s also an athletic wing or 2G in Michigan’s O

http://espn.go.com/college-sports/basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/165664/edmond-sumner this said pg and 6-3

Bluiett is the guy you want off that team

Put a Blitz on Myles Turner. He fits the bill as the Ultimate Beilein Big. Shoots the 3 Ball extremely well. He would see he could step right in as a Starter for this team.

Could you imagine a lineup of Myles Turner, McGary, GRIII, LeVert and Walton?

Wee aren’t getting Myles Turner.