Potential 17 targets


Burke + Albrecht
Walton + Albrecht
Walton + Simpson
that’s 5 years straight.


Doh. I meant two PGs on the roster at any time. Your list is good, and it shows that in 2 years when we have: X (Jr), Brooks (So) and DeJulius (Fr), that’s going to be a somewhat unique situation for JB.

I’m guessing that Brooks will play some 2 if all 3 guys are fighting for time.


The list shows that he usually DOES have 2 PG on the roster, 1 starter & 1 backup.


Think he meant to say 3 from reading the rest of his post.


Never really saw the fit here, but Thomas Allen to Nebraska. Good pickup for the Huskers.

But the Nebrasketball contingent thinks its huge for Miles (probably right), but I’m not sure that Thomas Allen is saving your season down there.


Yeah, if Ben Simmons couldn’t bring a P5 team to the tourney then I’m not sure how Thomas Allen is expected to save Nebrasketball.