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Hey guys, thinking about making a switch to break from the class year threads into more of specific threads for players who reach a certain point (probably offer) to help keep track of things. That would mean we’d have a Jordan Poole thread, Kyle Young thread, etc. Would still leave the other threads for other notes, updates, discussion, but break out some focus.

Want to get your thoughts though.

  • Add Player Threads
  • Leave things how they are

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I’d say I’m cool with how things are just because recruiting news isn’t super fast in the first place (so I don’t think it’s too hard to keep up) and it allows us to more naturally talk about recruiting as a whole.

Yeah, I don’t really see conversations within player threads sticking to discussions solely on the player. I think it’d be more work for you Dylan because you’d end up moving posts into a general recruiting class anyways.

The obvious benefit would be that you could go into a Kris Wilkes thread for example and find past updates, etc. A much more natural flow of info.

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I like the idea. Keep threads on point. Could you incorporate sub headers? Maybe an easily referenced section for recruits, commits, current players etc?
Good point on finding previous info on specific recruits.
Can you do sticky posts? Maybe sticky threads for the most frequent thread busters. A sticky thread of say “Coach Beilein’s recruiting” would be a wonderful resource to direct side bar arguements.

Man that’s a tough one. Can I not vote?

With individual player threads, I will see that someone has commented and will go in to see what was posted and it will probably be someone asking if there is anything new on Tillman, or Young or Cain, etc.
Now, I can see all of that under one thread instead of having to click on several individual threads. I am happy with the current format.

I at least liked when there were threads on recruiting POSITIONS & YEAR (e.g. Recruiting POSTS 2016, Recruiting GUARDS 2017, Recruiting WINGS 2018, etc etc)

Since most discussions flow toward comparing players of the same position, that makes the most sense to me.
While at the same time giving some division so things can get narrowed down for updates and things like that.

Maybe it could include a Recruiting OFFERED 2017 (or Committed).