Post sweet UMHoops photos here

To make it easy for anyone considering the framed-photo donation to choose what photo to get.


I like this idea, I’ll surf through some of the pictures when I get home tomorrow.

You guys can look through all of Dustin’s old galleries here

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Delete. Misread post title.

I humbly submit a handful of my favorites for consideration. I’ll add some more later as well


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I wonder if Dylan has any pictures of the Trey Burk shot vs Kansas. There is no Michigan vs Kansas photo gallery.

Nothing from Florida either, so he probably just wasn’t at that tournament site.

Correct, I wasn’t at that round of the tournament. :frowning:

This clearly isn’t my best photo, but it’s one of my low-key favorites. Horford was such a character and I loved photo’ing his emotionless antics out on the court

Forgive my ignorance, but at what point in this process do I actually get to choose the photo?

I’ll send an email later this month asking what photo you guys want. If you need to work something else out don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. (And if you want one by X-Mas, I can try to work that out as well potentially – even though planning to send most in Jan).

Thanks Dylan - I’ll wait for the process to play out in January! Appreciate all you and your team does, love this site and all its content, as well as the dedicated fans that contribute to the forum. Go Blue!


Those are both in “Draft Day Gallery: Trey Burke”

Not sure if we can pick them or not though?

One of those from “The Burke Shot” would be my pick. Dylan, are those available?

Not really ours to ‘sell’ and don’t have a great high-res version of those shots so that would be tricky.