Post-Lottery NBA Mock Drafts

Stauskas 10, McGary 30 RT @chadfordinsider Mock Draft 6.0 is here. Andrew Wiggins is No. 1. (insider)

Draft Express
Stauskas 13, Robinson 29, McGary 30

Would kind of hope Smart doesn’t go to Utah, would be a bit of a logjam with Smart + Trey.

Smart is a combo and most likely a 2.

Yahoo draft also has Mitch 30 and Nik 14

Can’t believe that Cleveland won the lottery with a 1.7% chance, and 3 out of the last 4 years, you have to be kidding me! Anyways, I could see Utah picking up Smart or Exum, assuming either are available. I watched a good number of Utah’s games this year and they’re not particularly deep at either of the guard positions. They could also use a guy like Aaron Gordon or maybe Noah Vonleh, but Jabari Parker would’ve been amazing fit for them because they need a SF/PF, especially one that can be the #1 guy. Utah will probably draft the best available player though and if that happens to be Exum (who is more of a SG but also plays PG) or Smart (who is a combo guard like guestavo said), you just have to hope that Trey proves he is the better option at PG. I think a backcourt of Trey and Marcus Smart would be pretty good. Trey being more of a finesse and jump shooter alongside Smart who is more athletic and sort of a bruiser in the paint would provide a good change of style.


Stauskas 11,12,14
Robinson n/a, 25, n/a